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The Benefits Of Using Hair Oil

Published at 03/16/2012 11:56:49


Millions of women around the world will vouch for the enormous benefits that can be got from massaging hair with hair oil. Down the ages women have been diligently and regularly applying hair oil to keep their healthy and nourished. Applying hair oil is the first step to hair care. A hair well massaged with hair oil that is kept on for a few hours or even overnight and then washed with shampoo and thoroughly rinsed is without a doubt the best way to maintain healthy hair.


A large number of women are experiencing uncontrollable hair loss, thin hair and even bald patches. Pollution of air, water and in the food we eat, unhealthy life styles, hectic living take a toll on skin and hair and extra effects have to be put in to prevent hair loss.

Hair oil extracted from various seeds and fruits are a best way to prevent hair fall. Some of the most popular hair oils that are used extensively are jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, almond oil, mustard oil, etc. In many places clarified butter is also used to nourish hair.

Every type of oil has it benefits and each one has vitamins and mineral that will nourish the hair. Massaging increases blood circulation and this in turn absorbs the vitamins and minerals. It also stimulates the hair follicles.
The market is flooded with numerous hair oil from leading manufacturers. These oils control dandruff, hair fall and thicken the hair shaft.

Massaging hair oil and covering the head with a hot bath towel for a few minutes helps the oil penetrate the pores and strengthen the hair follicle. Hair oil also gives protection from harmful sun’s rays and keeps the body cool. The benefits of applying hair oil are more in summer.


A good massage can give even the driest and dull hair a shiny and bouncy look. These are perfect moisturizers and can do wonders for brittle hair.

Natural hair oil formula or mix is prepared using leaves, roots, seeds of herbs and plants found in the kitchen and in the garden. These ingredients are heated with oil, allowed to cool and can be stored for months. This herbal oil is highly effective in curing fungal diseases, dandruff and other conditions that affect the scalp.

The leading brands that manufacture beauty care products regularly launch various hair care products that use the goodness of the different kinds of oil in their hair care creams, lotions, gels, conditioners and shampoos.
Many people use various hair oils as each has its own goodness and provide immense benefits; many also use a mixture of quite a few oils.

The time you spend oiling your hair no matter how busy a life you have will surely bear rich dividends in the form of lustrous hair.

Tips and comments

Eating a healthy diet and massaging the scalp with slightly warned oil will give you hair that is shiny, fuller and thicker and is your crowning glory. Apply hair oil to put an end to hair loss.


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