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How To Go on a Nature And Bird Walk

Published at 02/27/2012 05:45:27


One can do so much on a day off work or a long weekend, with any free time they may have. Many people like nothing more than to be outdoors when the weather is nice and getting away from all the hustle and bustle of life and just relaxing outdoors in nature. There are many ways to enjoy nice day outdoors. One way is to take a nature and bird walk. A nature and bird walk consists of pretty much what it sounds like. You can go alone or with your partner or as a very small group. Typically, the morning is the best time to do a nature and bird walk because that is when wildlife is the most abundant and viewing wildlife is one of the reasons for going on a nature and bird walk. Deer, fox, coyote and many species of birds, including eagles and hawks are frequently wandering around early in the morning. The purpose of a nature and bird walk is to just get out of the house and into nature for a day and examine and watch the going ons of the forest. Below are some tips on how to make your next nature and bird walk a great one.

Step 1

The night before your nature and bird walk, check the forecast for the day to make sure you will not be meeting any bad weather along the way. Let someone know you will be gone for the day and should be home later that evening in case something goes wrong.

Step 2

Have everything you want to bring with you ready the night before so you are not rushing around trying to get it packed the next day. Some items you should bring with you include a camera, binoculars for watching birds, a bird book if you are not familiar with the different birds, a mid-morning snack, a lunch, some water, warmer clothes in case it cools off later in the day, a cell phone if you have one, a hand-held GPS if you are not familiar with the area where you will be doing your nature and bird walk, matches and a flashlight in case you end up being in the woods longer than you expected.

Step 3

Before heading out on your nature and bird walk, make sure you are properly dressed and I don’t mean just for the weather. If you want to see wildlife, it is a good idea to wear more neutral colors like browns and beiges. Pastels and bright colors are naturally occurring colors in the forest and it may spook any wildlife you come across. It is also a good idea to wear hiking boots but make sure they are light ones to reduce the noise you make when you walk.

Step 4

On your nature and bird walk, do not feed the animals as this is bad for them. Instead keep your distance and watch them from afar. Try to go on your nature walk alone or with very few people to keep noise to a minimum. Carry a walking stick with you in case you need to defend yourself against a wild animal who feels threatened or wants to attack you.

Step 5

Stop and rest along the way at various places. It is nice and relaxing to just sit and watch and not think about anything except the beauty around you. This is a great opportunity to look for photo ops and to hear any noises around you from animals who may be creeping around.


A nature and bird walk is a great way to enjoy a day to yourself and learn about your surroundings. You can even make a nature walk into a nature overnight and bring a sleeping bag and tent with you and sleep under the stars for a night.

Sources and Citations

So go ahead and plan a day to yourself in the woods with nature.  Your mind will thank you and I guarantee that you will want to do this every time you have a day off!


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