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Advantages Of Thunderbird

Published at 03/01/2012 16:18:54


Mozilla Thunderbird, a product of Mozilla, is a superb email client and a powerful RSS feed reader. It is very simple to use and is swamped with awesome features. It is loaded with many amazing add-ons and extensions that allow to expand its functions and enhance its usage. The aim of Thunderbird is to let the users easily customize and organize their email conversations.


Mozilla initially launched Thunderbird as Minotaur. Sadly, it did not turn out to be a great success and the project had to be dropped. However, with the growing popularity of Firefox, which is a Mozilla web client, demands for a new email client were made, and the project Minotaur was brought back to life under a new name Thunderbird. It hit it off immediately and gained widespread recognition and popularity.


Like many other Mozilla products, Thunderbird is absolutely free to download and is considered to be one of the best email clients. It lets the users quickly compose, send, receive, tag and organize the mails. All of the conversations are preserved making it exceptionally convenient for the individuals when replying to a mail. The user can also manage multiple accounts at a same time without a hitch. It has considerably faster download and upload speed compared to other mail clients. The spam filter of Thunderbird is another remarkable feature. Just turn the spam filter on and your mail is junk free. Additionally, it provides protection against phishing and scam. It lets you arrange your messages in groups and folders, in a nimble, according to contact names and dates. Through the built-in RSS feed reader you can easily access the web, update and publish your work. Thunderbrowse is an integrated browser in Thunderbird through which you can readily browse the websites without having to open the browser. Quick-text is another must-have add on with purposes like creating a unique signature and templates. One of the greatest features of Thunderbird is the add-on called Lightning. It is an amazing personal information manager (PIM). It enables you to assemble various schedules, notes, tasks and reminders that work great for your daily routine as well as for your holidays. It also has an address directory, phone-book, a spell-checker and even a dictionary! Thunderbird allows you to download various themes according to your desire. You can also add various background images to your messages causing them to look lively, artistic and colorful. The automatic updates feature is a great convenience for users as it saves a lot of time. It supports various file formats like mbox, MORK, SQLite along with POP, IMAP and LDAP. Other additional features if wanted can be installed by means of add ons and extensions.

Tips and Comments

Thunderbird is available in dozens of different languages. It works on most of the operating systems, it supports Windows 2000, XP and vista, Mac and Linux. Download it for absolutely free and install it, customize it according to your taste and style. With Thunderbird make your email experience better and secure than you have ever known.