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How To Tell the Type Of Bird


Bird watching is an interesting hobby. Even if you have no interest in what birds are doing or how their habitats are, simply watching them can be fun. However, you need some prior guidelines and also you need to know some basics, so that when you set out to look at birds, you know how to distinguish you type from another and how to identify the yous you will be looking at.

Step 1

To be an expert and gain something worthwhile from your bird watching hobby, you need to be familiar with what type of bird you are looking at and what important characteristics it might have. If you get hold of the precise technique of bird watching and identifying the type of bird, there is more than fair chance that the hobby will seem a lot more interesting.

Step 2

Usually, before taking up bird watching as a hobby, people usually think that reading a book or two will help them out in all situations. However this is not the case.

Step 3

There is no book that contains all information about all types of birds present on the planet. However, there are many books to be able to help you identify the type of bird you are looking at and tell you all about its environment, habitat or even color and species of the same kind. So consider yourselves still unprepared for bird watching and identifying them, when you have read only two to three books on the subject.

Step 4

Before you begin to bird watch, it is important that you read as many books on birds and how to identify them as you can. Reading the books and other works of experienced bird watchers will give you a hand up on the type of bird, its habitats, its color, environment and living styles, when you spot a certain you. This may help you to identify you even as you look at it from a distance without your binoculars.

Step 5

Talking of binoculars, these are special equipment which can help you to tell the type of bird you are looking at. Binoculars allow you to get a close look at the birds even when they are far away in the sky. Using a good pair of binoculars, you will be able to identify the bird more easily as you will be able to see its colors and features more closely.


There are more technologically advanced binoculars available on the market, especially for bird watchers who allow you to look at the precise features of bird that you spot, far away. You can also capture images from them as well.

Also you can always use the Internet to learn about a certain type of bird when you go about looking for it. The Internet is full of information with graphical representations of many types of birds that you can simply refer to it before you can take up a bird watching expedition. Talking to experienced bird watchers is also an ideal way to help you get knowledge of bird watching. Although this way you will not be able to identify the birds when you spot you but you will know what type of bird you will find in what environment.

By Ali Muhammad Ali Butt, published at 03/06/2012
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