How To Build a Bird Bath
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How To Build a Bird Bath

Published at 03/20/2012 08:13:33


How To Build a Bird Bath

There is nothing more beautiful than watching the beauty of nature in action. It’s a lovely feeling to watch different birds fly through the sky and then land in your yard with their lovely bird friends and family members. The greatest way to attract a bird to your yard or garden is by adding a pretty bird bath.

Step 1

A bird bath holds water to allow a bird to bathe and drink from it. A bird baths can come in many different sizes and designs. If you love birds and want them to build a home in your backyard or garden, it’s essential to keep the water of your bird bath clean. Switch out the water and wipe the bowl out at least once a week.

Step 2

A bird bath makes a pretty lawn ornament. Not only will the birds be happy, but you will also enjoy the new creation. This article will help you to build the perfect bird bath to get flocks of birds flying your way. If you are handy at DIY, it is possible to make your own bird table or provide a handmade bird bath to a friend as a gift.

Step 3

A bird bath is typically a rounded shallow basin that is roughly 2-inches deep. This basin has to be about one meter from the ground in order to safeguard he birds and the bath from cats. You can adjust the height of the elevation. Although a bird bath can be made from almost anything like a flower pot; commonly it is made of concrete.

Step 4

Make it a practice to replace the water of the bird bath daily after cleaning and emptying it. This will keep the birds healthy. Use a slow-draining technique to prevent the water from overflowing. Overflowing or dripping bird baths are not very attractive and will keep birds away instead of keeping them near.

Step 5

Another way to make a bird bath is to make one in which the water in the basin constantly swirls to create ripples. This gives a lovely effect. Another bird baths type is the type that uses small cups that are arranged in a round-stair fashion. Some cups are higher than others, and the water pours from the top cup down the ladder of other cups finally into the basin. These bird baths are known as "water chain" baths. Birds on these cups look very pretty.


How To Build a Bird Bath

These amazing bird baths not only make your gardens look pretty, but they also allow you to look after the so many birds. Birds will love drinking clean water from these bird baths as well as bathing in them. One bird will lead to another until seeing pretty birds in your bird bath will be something you will look forward to every day. So, get out some durable household items and start building your very own bird bath.


There are many different shapes and sizes of bird a baths available. If you have a bird bath in your lawn or garden, it not only attracts the beautiful birds but also brings beauty to the place.