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The Benefits Of Firebird

Published at 03/02/2012 20:07:58


Firebird is a database management system, or simply known as DBMS. Firebird is computer software that helps to manage databases and control the organization, storage, management and retrieval of data from the Firebird database. It includes modeling language, database query language, data structures, and transaction mechanisms.

Database management is a major problem in the private and public sectors, which includes both the corporate sector and the policy making sector. The problem lies with the accuracy of the data collected, but database management systems, like Firebird, help you to accurately manage your database, while minimizing any human error.

Before the 90s, database management was manual. It was tedious and laborious work, and required technical skills. Even with immense care, database management always resulted in a lot of errors. It was impossible for any human to have zero errors when managing a database. This demanded the need for an accurate database management with automated database management systems.

The age of computers brought with it various benefits, and software engineers reaped many of its fruits, leading to the development of database management systems, like Microsoft Access, Oracle and MySQL. Firebird 1.0 DBSM was released in 2002 for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The later years saw various different stable versions of Firebird being created, with the latest being Firebird 2.5.1.

Firebird database server has a lot of different features that help in database management. The main features are: referential integrity, multi-generational architecture, full support for stored procedures and triggers, support for external functions, full ACID compliant transactions, third party tools, incremental backups, various different access methods, SQL activity, careful writes and full cursor implementation in PSQL. There are many benefits of Firebird database server.

It has a full-featured, reliable and robust database, capable of handling substantial loads. And even with the substantial loads it is able to play well with open source tools. It can also provide backups while the database is running. A transaction can made and rolled back, and it even supports the feature of save points and rollback to save points. It can even develop replication by various entities and keep track of inserts, updates or deletes from a given table. Moreover, it supports multiple data files and can help distribute load by laying the database on multiple data files. Firebird is better than other database management systems because it offers easy movement from closed-source, commercial databases to an open-source database. It offers common feature available in high-end databases without any significant impact on performance.

Tips and comments

Database management is a very sensitive issue. It may require a lot of functions and features, and not all the software can provide the features that you require. So before getting any database management system, it is important that you deeply analyze the different software available in the market. Other than firebird, there is other software too, which include Oracle, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise, Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2 and Informix. Nonetheless, the late firebird database server provides you with every feature and function that you may require in your database management and it is a viable option for any project.