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Lyrics To the Song "the Bird"

Published at 03/02/2012 21:27:37

Origin of the song

This song “the Bird” was one of the awe-inspiring melodies of its time. People truly remember it now and many people listen it and have included it as one of their most preferred songs on different sites including The song was initially appeared in 1919 from Songs from the Hills of Vermont. According to different distributors, the song was originally a consequential form of the most inspiring Child Ballad. So, without any doubts, you must have to understand that this song was based on the work done by Child Ballad.

Though, numerous tales tell us that the song was a part of an old classic film but today’s distributers and music makers totally disagree from this concept. In addition, it is also considered that it is mixed-up with a minstrel form known as “Says the Blackbird” nevertheless most of the people say that the later was the minstrel form of the original song known as “the Bird”.

Main theme

If we focus on the lyrics of the song “the Bird”, it clearly reveals the story of a blackbird sitting on a chair. We have to admit that the lyrics of “the Bird “are finely written and the song depicts the true story as was written in the lyrics. So, hats off to the lyricist. As we move forward, the lyrics of “the Bird “include a lady and the blackbird is directly speaking to us for that lady and what she has done to the bird. In actuality, the bird turned into black as the lady turned and saw the bird.

Explanation of lyrics

After that, the lyrics of “the Bird” include numerous other birds namely blue-jay, little leather winged bat, little mourning dove, woodpecker, owl, swallow, hawk, crow and last, but not the least robin. All these birds describe their stories in four stanzas each and the stories of each bird are described beautifully in “the Bird”.

If we focus on the entire lyrics of the song, we would come to know that every bird tells his/her story. Each story depends upon the entire feeling of each bird. The blue-jay hopes to be young and tells that if I was a young man I'd have two; if one proved fickle and chanced for to go. In addition, the little leather winged bat also shared the reason that why he fly in the night and explaining that he answered that the reason that I fly in the night is because I lost my heart's delight.

The owl says that if I had a hen I'd feel like a pig; but here I sit on a frozen stake, which causes my poor heart to ache. The swallow in addition adds his story and shared that I pick my wings and sit up straight and hope every young man will choose him a mate. In last, robin wished for something. He says that I wish I had a great, big worm; I would fly away into my nest; I have a wife I think is the best.