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For many, birds are a passion. This rare connection that bird enthusiasts feel cannot be expressed in words. Some bird lovers like to keep their birds as pets and take great care of them. An important issue that most people face when keeping birds as pets is the continuous feeding that is required. To counter this basic problem it is ensured that a bird feeder is always present in the bird cage or wherever the birds are being kept. The invention of bird feeder is a blessing for all. This simple act has saved many hours spent feeding the bird and resulted in great savings as well. The feeders are an asset for bird lovers and this has also helped the bird raising culture flourish among people.


Keeping a bird and raising it has never been much of a hassle. The only problem is taking care of them as birds require a lot of food throughout the day and it is impossible for a person to be available for this task all day long. This problem has now been solved by bird feeders. These feeders were developed on customer demands and are now catering to a large market. People who want a pet bird and intend to take good care of it consider the feeder as a must.


As this industry has progressed due to an increase in fascination for birds and the color it adds to a boring dull routine, the bird feeder manufacturers have done a lot of experimentation to stay in the lead. There are a lot of fancy designs available in the market. Some of them are so bold that they are an instant eye candy and you just can’t take your eyes off them. But having said that, these feeders are sort of expensive and not in every consumer’s reach. If unfortunately you fall in that category don’t lose hope as there are a lot more designs that can interest you. There are those all-time favorite elegant designs that not only make the garden look beautiful but are also well within your assigned budget. Then there are the custom made designs which show the creativity of the buyer. If you think you are creative enough, get your design custom made and explore the imaginative side of you. If you are good with wood work, why not try to build your own feeder. It’s not that hard and a few days are enough to complete this project.

Tips and comments

One bit of advice when you are buying a bird feeder is to keep in mind the bird and the surroundings. You don’t want the bird feeder to look like an eye sore and cause problems for you. Select a bird feeder design that is suitable for your house. If you are ambitious and want to make your own bird feeder, make sure you buy low quality material for starters and if the result is good, go for high quality material and make a feeder that will be reliable and long lasting.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/04/2012
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Bird And Birdfeeder Designs. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.