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How To Find the Best Bird Feeders

Published at 02/29/2012 17:15:12

Finding Suitable Bird Feeders

If you have got some beautiful and furry birds or you want to attract some beautiful birds from outside in order to make some contribution to the beauty of your house outdoor or garden then you will probably need a perfect feeders bird. Feeders bird is a kind of tray placed outdoors to feed your domestic birds or to attract the birds flying over your premises.

The food placed in feeders bird should be chosen according to the need and taste of the birds. Most commonly these bird feeders include the seeds like Millet, Sunflower (Oil and Striped), Safflower, Niger Seeds and Canola Seeds. These seeds are liked by the most of the birds.

Step 1

The most common purpose of these feeders bird is birdwatching. There are different types of feeders bird available in the market for different types of birds. Here the point of concern is that how one can find the best and appropriate bird feeder. So here are some common types of feeders bird available in the market, each has been designed for separate type of birds as per their need and convenience.

Step 2

• Seed feeder is the feeders bird deigned for the birds whose food includes all types of seeds which are mentioned above. Most commonly these bird feeders are placed to attract song birds like cardinals, finches and chickadees. So if you have got any of such birds or want to attract such birds then seed feeder will be most appropriate one for you.

Step 3

• Hummingbird feeders, as obvious by the name, are the feeders bird designed for the humming birds. These special types of bird feeders contain liquid sugar solution for humming birds. Usually red food color is dissolved in this sugar solution in order to attract the birds. So if you want to attract the humming birds then get hummingbird feeder.

Step 4

• Oriole feeders are feeders bird designed to attract New World orioles and usually contains fruit foods. These feeders are usually of orange color and have specifically designed to support the unique shaped beak and tongue of New World orioles.

Step 5

• Suet Feeders are cage-like feeders bird, designed to feed insect eater birds like woodpeckers, flicker and nuthatches.


Apart from the above mentioned bird feeders there are some other feeders available in the market; one of them is electronic bird feeder which can store bird food for many days.

Getting suitable bird feeder is not enough but proper placement is also another important point of concern. Bird feeder should be placed at such a place from where the birds pass through frequently and where feeding will be convenient for the birds. Keeping in mind the hygiene factors bird feeders should be properly and periodically washed.

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If you have decided to have a bird feeder then you will need a suitable bird feeder supplier. Now you have to search for a suitable and affordable bird feeder supplier. In this digital era searching anything is as simple as eating a pudding. Just surf through the Internet and you will find large amount of suppliers to opt from.