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Where To Buy Bird Seed

Published at 03/02/2012 02:16:02


There are millions of bird species worldwide and every continent and every area of every continent has many different species that are unique to that area. There are so many different types of birds. There are migratory birds, predatory birds, birds of all sizes and birds that can even make excellent pets. Bird watching is a hobby enjoyed by millions of people worldwide and it entitles more than just watching birds. Birdwatchers study birds, interact with them, learn their habits, follow them, photograph them, befriend them and feed them. Feeding birds not only helps the photographer get closer to them and gain their trust, it helps the birds when food is scarce during the winter months and ensure that they have food to eat when they cannot find their own. Bird seed is your best bet for drawing in many species of birds and there is a bird seed available for most birds and some types available for certain birds such as woodpeckers.


Bird seed can be bought in many places such as grocery stores, pet stores, department stores and even some drug stores or convenience stores. A typical bag of bird seed that would last a month costs about ten dollars. Below are some tips on how to properly feed the birds in your yard without causing any trouble for you or them.


First of all, you will need to acquire a bird feeder to put the bird seed in. A bird feeder will make the food easier to find than if it were just placed on the ground and it will prevent it from being buried by snow and becoming soggy. Make sure it is big and sturdy enough to support birds and so the food will not spill out onto the ground. If you have cats, make sure to keep them indoors during feeding time so that the birds can eat their bird seed in peace and without fear. Make sure the bird feeder is high enough off the ground so the birds feel safe enough to eat from it. It is also a good idea to keep it a distance from your house because bird seed may attract other creatures such as rats and squirrels which you do not want hanging around too close to your home. The best time to give the birds some bird seed is in the morning when they are most hungry but it is important that you do not overfeed them because they will become too dependent on your handouts and they will overeat and possible make themselves sick by eating all the bird seed at once.

Tips and comments

Having birds around your yard can be very rewarding and the best way to attract them and keep them around is by giving them bird seed. It is so fun and entertaining to watch the different varieties and species of birds who will make an appearance at your feeder filled with bird seed and one can spend hours just watching and taking pictures of them.