Where To Find Pet Supplies For Birds
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Where To Find Pet Supplies For Birds

Published at 03/29/2012 06:52:16


Where To Find Pet Supplies For Birds

When you keep pet birds it is your responsibility to provide the healthiest food, good housing and safe pet birds supplies. With just one kind of bird, like a parakeet, shopping can be easy. But if you have multiple birds or keep several type of breeds, locating pet birds supplies can be a challenge. The joy that pet birds bring to your life make it worth the effort to be a good provider. When you successfully obtain the supplies for pet birds, make a note of which store or retailer had the items available. You can ease future shopping expeditions by returning to the supplier who provided the items in the first place. With changes in the economy, avian pet stores will appreciate your repeat business.


From ancient times when the Pharoahs kept exotic birds in their palaces along the Nile River, providing pet birds supplies has been a routine task for owners or their appointed bird caretakers. Centuries later when European explorers brought home brightly colored birds from the New World, taking care of the delicate creatures became a job for servants of the wealthy. In modern times, parrots, finches and many other types of birds have become family pets.

An entire segment of the pet industry is devoted to birds now. Known as aviculture, or avian care, the field has developed pet birds supplies from state-of-the art materials that could have not even been imagined in ancient times. Finely designed cages, bedding, perches, toys and specialty food items are available to keep your avian pets healthy and happy.


Visit an independent specialty avian retailer in your region first. Supporting the local retailers helps small business people remain in business. The pet birds supplies you obtain at these locations are vetted by the store owners who select only the most practical and safe items to stock in their store. The owners are familiar with each of the supplies and can show you which size and model are best suited for your own birds.

Online merchants that specialize in pet birds supplies are the next place to visit when you shop. Focus on websites that cater specifically to the avian market. You may locate a cage supplier that is able to provide discounted pricing due to the low overhead of operating an online business. Look for warranties and guarantees that each website offers before committing to any major purchase. For smaller supplies, like bird food, toys, nest boxes and grooming supplies, check the website's return policy before you click the final checkout button.

Shop in the organic section of the produce department of your grocery store for fresh food items. Also seek organic and pesticide-free pet birds supplies for feeding grains and prepared food items. You may even find some of the food to keep your birds chipper and healthy by looking in your own garden. Fresh leafy greens, carrots, berries and fruit should all be washed well before offering them to your avian pets.

Tips and comments

Check the labels on pet birds supplies to verify that the items are certified free from harmful products or materials before making your purchase.