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About the Song "the Bird Is the Word"

Published at 03/27/2012 22:43:08


If you have been hearing a lot about the popular song The bird’s is the word, especially the words ‘word is the bird’ often and would like to know more about its origin then the best place to know about it without a doubt is the internet. There are numerous articles that tell you about the catchy tune and words that are constantly repeated.


 The song ‘The Bird’s the word’ was first performed by The Rivingtons in 1963. It is a very simple and catchy song with a simple easy tune and simple lyrics. The Rivingtons, a 1960s band comprised of Carl White, Al Frazier, Sonny Harris and Rocky Wilson jr Frazier. Their first hit song was papoom mow mow in the year 1962. They later came out with the similar sounding song titled ‘The bird’s the word’ in1963

These two songs were later combined by a Minnesota band, The Trashmen, in 1963. The combined song made of nonsensical repetitive syllabus, bird is the word, titled ‘Surfin’ bird’ became a huge hit. They took credit for this medley of choruses that did not have any verses. When this was reported by the Rivingtons’ management the Trashmen were ordered to give credit to the Rivingtons. The surnames of the band member were added to the credits of the song
A-well-a, everybody's heard about the bird
Bird, bird, bird, b-bird's the word
A-well-a, bird, bird, bird, the bird is the word
A-well-a, bird, bird, bird, well, the bird is the word


The song became so popular that it featured in various motion pictures ever since it was first played. It can be heard in the birthday scene in the 1972 film Pink Flamingoes, in the film Full Metal Jacket by Stanley Kubrick in the movie Battle Vietnam, in the Vince Vaughn movie Fred Claus and a few more. It has also be used in commercials and TV shows. A few shows that feature this song are the Johnboy and Billy shows “wordy word’, "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" episode, a dance game show called ’Just Dance’ etc.

Tips and Comments

Bird is the word became even more popular when it was played in the popular American sitcom Family Guy. It was played as Peter Griffin's favorite song in the episode I Dream of Jesus in the 2nd episode of the 7th season. The character Peter Griffin is obsessed with the song and it has become a running gag in the series.It became extremely popular on youtube and has nearly 58 million YouTube hits. The YouTube hits show how this simple song with have caught the imagination of generations long after it was first sung. The extremely catchy and easy tune and the words word is the bird have made it very famous among people of all ages.

A campaign was launched in Britain to make this song reach number one ahead of the number performed by the X factor winner. Over 400,000 fans of the sitcom signed onto to the facebook campaign to make the Surfin’ Bird, song with the words bird is the word, the most popular and make word is the bird the Number one in the UK singles chart.



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