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About the Thunderbirds Of the 60S

Published at 03/29/2012 01:39:58


The Thunderbirds were founded in 1963. This band has played for almost four decades. The members of the band are Tony Chong, Victor Lam, Hamzah Hussein, and Derrick Fitzgerald. They were known for their  rock-n-roll music. The Thunderbirds were simply amazing as their music was so perfect. Everyone played such an amazing music and sang really well at the same time. There are so many chart-topping songs like “My Lonely Heart” along with the soulful, “You Were Made For Me To Love,” to name a few.

The band initially had the two brothers and their cousin when they were known as The Brown Brothers. After that, the name was changed to Thunderbirds when they added a new vocalist to their band. They made many songs that hit the top-chart list. They played almost everywhere and hit every concert. Their concerts were attended by people from everywhere and people enjoyed them immensely. Somewhere along the way, their band broke up. A few of the members left to join military and then new members were admitted.

The Thunderbirds were legendary. They were loved by people in the 60s. They didnt have to go through a lot as luck was with them every time. There came many bands in the 60s that struggled a lot, sometimes because of their music and sometimes because of their songs. However, the Thunderbirds hit the top-charts every time their new release came. Their songs were rock n roll type and people used to feel really good after attending their concert. They have sung in bars as well as have had concerts all over the world. They are basically from Singapore. In the 1980s, this band played for two decades at the Carriage Bar in York Hotel. They played there up until the bar was closed down in 2004. There super hits were “Little Lady,” “I'm As Sad As I Can Be,” “My Lonely Heart,” “Hey, Girl,” “My Hula Girl” and “You Were Made for Me to Love."


The Thunderbirds have been the most famous band. Even today people love to listen to them and feel the chills when they hear their songs. They released songs side by side and every time after their release they were equally praised. The Thunderbirds were loved by people in the 60s and even after that. This band has been the only band that has played for four decades and still they are admired by people all around the world. Their importance grew with every new song and every concert. At the end when the band started to decline, Fitzgerald suffered from a stroke and he wasn't financially sound.