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About Rainbird Sprinkler Systems


Gardeners are known for their particular behavior and the way they take care of the flower beds, beautiful carpeted grass lawns and lovely bushes. Getting the right kind of water supply for all these sections of the garden is one of the toughest challenges that a gardener faces, but now with the help of Rainbird this has been made very easy. Rainbird sprinkler system provides the right amount, pressure and flow of water to ensure the perfect growth of the grass and other components of the garden.


Rainbird is a leading producer and distributer of perfect landscape sprinklers. They produce products which are appropriate for suburban and commercial areas. There is a different category of sprinklers for different areas of a city or a town or where ever one wants perfect grass. Rainbird products are highly durable and with a great diversity of products which provide the perfect sprinkling of water. These sprinklers are easy to handle, manage and install. They can be easily attached and detached. The biggest plus point of these sprinklers is that they are maintenance free that is one doesn’t have to repair them often.


Rainbird sprinklers are very easy to use. Firstly the water source is switched on and the direction of water is set in accordance with the area that needs to be watered. Then with the help of a screw driver the radius of water is set, this is monitored from the head of the sprinkler through the radius adjustment screw. The Rainbird sprinklers have two kinds of models rotatory and non-rotatory. The arch of the sprinkler can be adjusted by rotating the screw with the help of a screw driver. Clockwise rotation will increase the arch and anticlockwise will decrease the rotations. Then come the spray angles and the distance which can easily be monitored with the help of changing the nozzle of the sprinkler. The sprinklers have been covered with a special material to protect them from all sorts of environments may they be sandy soils or full of pebbles. On top of this they are also very durable even in harsh surrounding and in the areas where there are creeping grasses. There are two categories of sprinklers. One of them is essential for home use such as the 12SA rotor sprinkler that comes in the rotor series. The other is the category of the huge sprinklers which are used for large to medium areas especially the commercial areas.

Tips and comments

The Rainbird sprinklers need to be handled tactfully to ensure their longer life and optimal working. Some features of the sprinklers should be kept in mind for example in the gear driven or rotary sprinklers, when adjusting the arch, one thing should be kept in mind that on the left edge there is an end point. Beyond this point the sprinkler will not move. Thus on the whole, Rainbird is the right company that can provide you with professional gardeners with the right tools that would ensure a garden right out of your dreams.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/31/2012
   Rating: 4/5 (11 votes)
About Rainbird Sprinkler Systems. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.