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How To Get Free Web Design And Web Hosting Services


The world is expanding with the advancement of the Internet. The Internet is rapidly growing and the main reason for this is the development of the many websites that are hosted around the web. Due to this reason, it has become very challenging to develop a very good website with good design and web hosting services. To have a great online presence for your business, its very important to design a professional looking website. People don't have to learn confusing and expensive software or hire any professional website designing company.

Step 1

Search engines are used to find millions of results for free web design. Due to the availability of the free and online web design templates provided at different sites, people are able to create more innovative and eye-catching web designs. These templates serve as the framework for developing improved and personalized websites. They also save plenty of time in creating graphics and layouts compatible with the browser standards.
Web designer can also share open source website templates with other Internet users. It includes templates for blog, personal, business and content.

Step 2

Online web hosts offer free web design templates that provide easiness in creating websites. They also provide facility to freely host your website as soon as you select the template. You can quickly build a website by using few simple tools, and also promote your business by simply providing the domain and hosting of your website. Open source community is the best place for the users to share free web design featured templates.

Step 3

You can also share your photos, information and other content on the site. There are many free online websites which have informative tutorials and articles for understanding the web design and web hosting. This includes html, css, java script, a little graphic designing, and SEO (search engine optimization).

Step 4

Free web design software can also be used as a service for building a website according to your vision. You can use free software by simply downloading them, but they are not that much good as compared to those which is purchased. In order to use them, you only need to know the basics to start with.

Step 5

For getting free web hosting for your website, you only need to display a banner or advertisement, or registering a domain name with free hosting services is required. It involves some space and bandwidth constraints, but if anything else still doesn't seem to be affordable, in that case it will be much helpful. Few online directories are also available containing lists of many solutions providing free web design and hosting services. Use search engines to find such directories and carefully study them and according to your vision decide what you will do next.


There are many sites available for free hosting. But they involve constraints of limited space for personal use. Another major disadvantage is that users have to use long address for domain name starting with the provider names. Such companies also place a lot of advertisements on the webpages that slowdown the webpages and detracts from its content.

There are some other websites that offer faster services for free designing of the professional website, but you need to pay some hosting cost on a monthly basis. They get general help from the website owners and developing is done by the assigned developers and also ensures that website will be shown up on the search engines. Some other websites also help to build the website with free hosting.


You can create your own html website and upload your own files easily. It also helps you in increasing the hosted website functionality with some add-ons and widgets, blogs, forums, polls and more. You can also track site statistics by the site extra packages for which you need to pay. It is highly recommended to use all online services and compare what service works best for you in order to increase your business.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/09/2012
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