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Where To Find Free Domain Hosting


You’ve purchased your domain and due to budget restrictions or other reasons you are seeking information about free domain hosting? You have come to the right place. There are several places you can receive domain hosting for free which will help save you some money and expedite the process of getting your website up and running in no time flat!

About Free Domain Hosting

The World Wide Web as it’s referred to is an absolutely huge space and can get very confusing to some people who aren’t sure where to look or who to turn to when they are searching for free domain hosting. Before you decide which free domain hosting service to go with, decide exactly what you want and need from the host because there will be limitations and restrictions on any free domain hosting site you choose. This also applies to paid hosting sites, as they sell them based on features offered. Things you must consider are:

How much space do I need for the content I will have on my website?
What kind of support is available with the free domain hosting?
What features are available?
Do they allow banners or advertisements of any kind?
What are their terms and conditions?

Those are just a few questions you will need to ask yourself before making a decision whether or not you want to choose free domain hosting for your website. Keep in mind that most free domain hosting sites will have their own advertisements which will be visible to those who visit your website. This may or not be a hindrance to you, but it never hurts to know this is most likely the case so you won’t be surprised once you get all of your content uploaded.

There really are sites that offer totally free domain hosting, however, make sure you always read their terms and conditions because although some may claim to be free, they may also have a catch such as having you pay an excessive fee for a domain name or other service. As far as other costs when choosing a few domain host, you can just about expect they will cost you some time, web hosting restrictions and possibly even modifying your pages with pop-ups or other web advertisements because those advertisements are many times how the free domain hosts make their money.

Where Can I Find Free Domain Hosting?

Out of the many free domain hosts available, there are several websites that will give you a list of those and what they offer. Looking at those lists and seeing the different features will help you select what suits you and your web content. Here are a few of the sites that will give you an idea of where you can go for free domain hosting: This is an exceptional resource as it well organized and has a chart that gives you all of the specifics you need to know about the free domain hosts. Another exceptionally resource with a well organized and easy to read chart.

Don't Forget!

While searching for your free domain hosting, all of the above sites should be useful to you. Some of them contain the same information but there are also a few different resources listed on each site. Finding the features you need are easy when they list everything you need to know about the free domain hosts. Do your research and keep in tune with what you think is best for your very own website!

By Susan Hill, published at 02/28/2012
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