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Advantages Of Free Web Hosting Services


Free web hosting may not be for everyone, but if you are on a tight budget or just want to try it out there are many free web hosting services that can meet your basic web hosting needs. Free web hosting provides you web server space for free. Even though the hosting is provided at no cost, there are some advantages in using a free web host.

Free Isn't Always a Bad Thing

Most often when we hear something is free, we automatically form a negative opinion, but before you do that with free web hosting, let's take a look at some of the advantages of using a free web hosting service.

The most obvious advantage is the fact there is no cost involved. Free web hosting is most often perfect for a personal website if you aren't intending on making money from the site, however, it can also be used for some small business sites as well.

Another great advantage is the fact that people can use the free web hosting service and make practice websites. It is a great resource for students learning the basics of web design or someone who just wants to learn more about making a website before they actually decide to purchase hosting from a site that requires payment.

Volunteer and nonprofit agencies can also benefit from free web hosting services. They will have no cost involved and it will allow them to use the funds they have for other reasons and also allow them to gain some exposure on the Internet. Another group of people who may benefit would be some of the online communities and groups who need an avenue to be able to share information with members and those that may be interested in joining their group.

Some families also like to have their own domains and what better way to be cost effective than for these families to have free web hosting? They can develop their own site and maintain it through their free web host of choice. There are some families who have family members who may live far away and having free web hosting service would allow them to maintain a community online just for their family so they can exchange information with one another.

Many people like to write and do a lot of it. With that being said, there are a multitude of blog options online, so why not go with a free web host and set up your own blog? Students can also use free web hosting for school projects, class presentations and other student related tasks that may require web space to complete their projects. By taking advantage of the free web hosting services, there would be no financial commitment required by the parent or the student and they can simply store the information for future reference or close the site down once they have completed their projects.

While there are obvious disadvantages of the free web hosting that is offered online, you can also see there are several advantages as well. With that in mind it really isn't a bad idea to put that free web server space to use since it's free. It's a budget friendly way to host your website and get some exposure online. While it may not be for everyone, that doesn't necessarily mean the free web host won't meet your needs. You never know, you may find the free web host that meets or exceeds what you really need for your web space.


  • Keep in mind that there are restrictions and limitations with any free web hosting service.
  • Most of the free web hosts have their own advertisements that may interfere with the content you place on your website.
  • Don't let the disadvantages keep you from trying a free web host. you may find that is all you need to serve the purpose.
By Susan Hill, published at 03/01/2012
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Advantages Of Free Web Hosting Services. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.


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