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Jobs at nursing facilities are becoming more and more popular for people who want careers in the medical field. The field of nursing is ever growing and expanding as more and more nurses are needed in the medical field. Nurses make a difference each day in the lives of their patients. Nurses can work in many capacities and areas in the medical field. 

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Nurse jobs in hospitals is one of the most popular nursing jobs in the medical field. Nurses who work in hospitals can quickly gain experience in many areas of the hospital. These nursing jobs are typically higher in pay than some other nursing positions and they usually have really good employee benefits, which makes them a popular choice. Many new graduates flock to area hospitals in the hopes to snatch up one of those coveted positions. There are many other areas that nurses can work in as well.

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Another great area of nursing work is nurse jobs in doctor's offices. Nurses are needed in private medical offices to assist physicians with patients. They provide excellent care to their patients in performing certain tests, checking for vital signs, and giving shots and immunizations. The role of a nurse in a private practice often mimics that of a physician's assistant without the ability to diagnose and treat patients. This is truly a more personal approach position and many nurses like the ability to get to know their patients. Since you are seeing them regularly, you often develop a more personalized approach in their care.

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Nurse jobs in clinics is another area that constantly needs good nurses. Low cost and free health clinics often suffer with a low amount of nursing workers because their pay offerings are normally much lower than in hospitals and doctor's offices. Many nurses don't like working in free clinics because they must work with homeless patients and this can be challenging. For those who find deep compassion in helping others, this may very well be a great career choice for you. Helping others in this environment can truly be a rewarding experience.

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Nurse jobs in non-medical business and schools is another area that provides a good career for nurses. Schools need a nurse on duty during the school year and businesses, prisons, and other buildings and businesses often hire a nursing staff. These careers pay quite well and offer stability in the medical field. Many nurses like the slow-paced work of these types of jobs and don't mind working in a non-traditional setting. This is a great area to get into if you are having trouble breaking into a role in a hospital or doctor setting. It can provide great experience towards your nursing record.

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Nursing jobs in nursing homes are constantly available because many find the work hard and the pay to be much less than other nursing jobs. Many people find it difficult to work with the elderly so they avoid this area of work as much as possible. For those who enjoy helping the elderly and give them respect and dignity in their care, a nursing home can be a rewarding experience. Most of the patients become like family to the nursing staff and they strive to provide the best care possible.


  • There are many areas that nurses can work in. Finding the right fit for you may take time, but it is well worth the effort. A nursing career offers a secure future with rewarding work.
  • Working in hospitals provides great benefits and pay.
  • Working in doctor's offices offers a more personal work atmosphere.
  • Nurse jobs in free clinics can be rewarding.
  • Nurse jobs in non-medical areas is a slower-pace that many like.
  • Nurse jobs in nursing homes can be tough, yet very rewarding.

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