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where to find piano how to guides

Published at 02/24/2012 05:28:28


If you are just starting to learn to play the piano, piano how to guides can help you out tremendously. A how to guide can tell you everything you need to know, from which note is which, to tabs for playing that song you could never figure out. Piano is one of the hardest instruments to teach yourself, but with helpful piano how to guides and a little bit of time, you will learn how to play simple to hard songs on the piano in no time. These guides can be found online or purchased at musical instrument stores.

Step 1

Visit a music store that is in your area. Sam Ash and Guitar Center are two music store examples. These types of stores carry a wide variety of musical instruments, including keyboards and pianos. Most music stores have a section that has tons of how to books and sheet music books. These books can be purchase for the piano and will show you how to play and give you the correct notes to play for selected songs. Most books are sold in themes, such as movie songs, classical songs, or Broadway songs. If you can not find the piano how to guides, at your local music store an employee may be able to point you in the right direction.

Step 2

Purchase piano how to guides from online websites. Musician's Friend is one of the most popular music websites for instruments and accessories. When visiting their online website, simply click on the books and videos link. You can the select different categories to find sheet music or tablature, and learn to play books. Piano and keyboard instruction books can be found in the category list on the left-hand side of the page. You will now see many different piano how to guide books, some that even come with CDs and DVDs for easier learning.

Step 3

Piano how to guides can even be found by starting a basic search online. Google is your friend. By just searching for piano how to guides, you will find places where you can purchase books and even websites that you can view guides online for free. is one website that will show and tell you more about the basics of the piano.

Step 4

If you're interested in finding tabs and sheet music online for the piano, there are many places that offer free, quality piano how to guides. 911Tabs is a tabs search engine where you can find the correct tabs to almost any song you can think of. Click on piano tabs to see all of the tabs that are currently in the 911Tabs database. If you know what song you would like to learn, type in the song or band name into the search box and hit search. The tabs will then show you which keys you should be playing during each part of the song. You can print out the tabs to use at your pleasure.

Step 5

YouTube is another great place to find piano how to guides. These guides are created by people around the world in video form. The great thing about videos is that they will actually show you how to play different things on the piano, so you can play along while learning.


Keep practicing the piano. If the guides are not helping you learn, take piano lessons in your home or at a studio.

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