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Learn how to play the piano

Published at 01/23/2012 19:32:04


The piano is one of the most popular musical instruments. Its rich sound is a joy to listen to, and learning to play piano can be a very enjoyable experience.

Step 1

Acquiring a piano.
In order to learn how to piano play, you will need a lot of practice on one. Pianos are generally expensive instruments, and if you cannot afford to buy one, then an electronic keyboard provides a good alternative that is inexpensive and does the trick as far as practice is concerned.
If you cannot afford any of these and are still bent on learning, then you may borrow from a friend, or look for a place that you can practice playing from.

Piano chords
How to piano play involves pressing keys on the keyboard to produce harmony and melody. The first thing you will want to learn is how to play the various chords. There are very many variations for playing the different music chords. The most basic of them or the major chords as they are commonly referred range from chord A to G, with each chord having variations. Minors and flats are played on the black keys.
The modern piano normally has 52 white keys, and 36 black ones, making a total of 88 keys. Basically, the keys on a piano keyboard are arranged into 12 keys that repeat themselves as you move along the keyboard. Getting it right on piano chords takes a lot of practice.

Step 2

When learning how to piano play, it is important that you maintain a healthy posture, with your back upright. Next, you need to learn proper fingering of the keys. With your right hand when moving up the ladder (playing to the right), start with the thumb on the first key, next key with the index finger, third key with the middle finger. The thumb goes under and plays the fourth key and so on. Moving down the ladder, start with your little finger, and then after the thumb, you continue with middle finger, then index, and then finish with thumb.

Playing sheet music
Now that you know the basics, you will need to learn how to piano read and play sheet music. This is the representation of the piece you are playing on a scale in form of notes like the crotchet, semibreve etcetera.
Learning to play sheet music needs a lot of practice.

Playing by ear
Most piano players are able to play a piece without reading it. To be able to know how to piano play by ear, you need to listen to enough the different notes and piano chords, so that you know which key or chord sounds how. Once you have practiced this, playing by ear will flow very easily.

Step 3

Piano teachers, lessons, and books
It goes without saying that finding a good teacher will go a long way in ensuring you learn how to piano play well. It is very easy to find how to piano play books by searching online. Thanks to the internet, you can also enjoy piano lessons online on some sites for free.


Piano playing requires a lot of dedication. Three words, practice, practice, practice.

Learning to play piano takes time. You need patience to become a great pianist.

Buying a keyboard or piano is a great way to ensure you get the practice that you need.

Try practicing the piece you learn a few minutes going to sleep. Research shows that this is the best time to play something that you want to remember. Another great way to learn to piano is practicing with a song that you like.