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How To Play Piano on the Computer

Published at 03/23/2012 00:30:50


With the advent of technology, you can learn anything from the comfort of your house. In the case of the piano, if you do not have one but wish to learn the basics without involving in practical classes, then virtual piano is the option for you. If you have a computer, keyboard and software you can play piano on computer.

Step 1

To play piano on the computer is possible with the help of different tools and options present online. Virtual piano is helpful mainly because it does not involve any cost of classes or the instrument and secondly, because you get well-acquainted with the basics of the instrument and how it plays. While learning piano online, you will get many features such as how the piano notes and keys would be placed on the keyboard.

Step 2

All of this can be done on a PC with a standard keyboard. You many times are able to record what you have been practicing or playing. Soon after, you can create your tunes and compositions with these once you are well versed with the basics.

Step 3

One way to play piano on computer is through DVDs that are available online as well as in local stores. These would give you knowledge on different facets of piano while in the comfort of your home. With these you can learn about various scales, notes, chords and other elements.

Step 4

Additionally, you can understand the basics about how to play piano on the computer and then apply them to practice with the help of software.

Step 5

Many times these DVDs are accompanied by the software that can give virtual instruments to play piano on the computer and perform according to instructions given. These can be purchases from online stores but be careful and refer to online reviews in order to choose one that is compatible to your system and requirements.


Other way to play piano on the computer is through the internet and software available for download online. If you are not sure about the source, then it is better to go for free software initially. While selecting the software, be sure that the program to play piano on the computer allows you to use the keyboard as piano keys. Once the download and installation of the program is complete, it will display a virtual piano on the screen.

Sources and Citations

As you press the keyboard keys, the piano would start playing. The instructions to perform several functions on virtual piano differ from program to program. This software is available all over the internet and can be found easily by searching on a search engine. Apart from using the keyboard, some programs allow you to play by using the mouse. In this the piano notes and keys are displayed on the screen and by clicking every note you can form the music.

If you want to get instructions from an expert piano player, then it is better to contact one through web chat. These could be assessed from social networking sites or piano groups. With software or DVD you will be able to play piano on the computer with ease and could master the skill by continuous practice.