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Your New Piano How To Play

Published at 02/22/2012 23:39:50


There are many ways to enjoy your new piano and learn how to play like a professional. Pianos are delicate instruments that take some time to master the mechanics of playing and caring for it properly. There are several different ways to master the techniques of playing the piano. The type chosen will depend on whether the student simply wants to play for fun, or whether the piano player wishes to learn the art of piano playing more professionally. There are some simple guidelines to help a prospective student choose the right method of learning that is perfect for their musical goals. Learning how to play the piano can open up a whole new world for people who love music.

Step 1

Research the many different avenues on how to play your new piano. You can find numerous tutorial sites on the Internet that can help you learn the basics. This option will give you a foundation on which to build. Try several out to find the tutorials that best help you.

Step 2

Purchase a full sized keyboard that has learning options built in. This is an excellent way to jump right in to the thrill of how to play piano in an innovative way. Some models have keys that light up showing you where to play the notes and chords. Most models will continue to play the song if placed into that mode. This is one option for learning how to play piano in a fun, laid back manner. Kids especially pick this method up quickly.

Step 3

Learn to play your new piano by utilizing DVD instructional methods. These can be found in older VCR format in some places. Search for these unique in home instructions that will let you learn how to play piano at your own pace. These can be found in some music shops and on Internet shopping sites using specific keywords to shorten your search. Check out the Internet stores that sell books and music on how to play piano.

Step 4

Take some music lessons either in a group or a private setting. This is probably the best way to learn how to play your new piano correctly. Find an instructor that teaches in the method in which you want to learn. Most piano teachers will be able to give their students a good understanding of learning how to read music. This is essential if you want to learn how to play piano well. Some teachers also teach playing by ear which has its own benefits.

Step 5

Consider taking some online computer based piano lessons. There are different ways in which these programs are taught. Some are on a timed schedule. Other classes let the student progress at their own rate. This is a great idea for those who want to learn how to play piano in the comfort of their own home.

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