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How to learn to play a piano

Published at 01/22/2012 18:02:52


Every individual who wishes to learn the piano play usually needs an instructor. In today’s fast-paced world, people who want to learn piano have variety of ways through which they can learn it without spending money. These sources can be available on internet or off net. You can purchase software from markets that has detailed instructions for piano play. However, no one can neglect need of a piano instructor. Taking lessons from a piano teacher has many advantages, which you cannot avail if you learn by yourself.

Step 1

When you learn piano by yourself by using software, it might teach you about basic things like position of your hands and sitting posture while playing piano. However, software will not teach you about proper techniques of piano play. Only piano instructor can properly guide his or her student about exact technique for piano play and keeps eye on his mental and psychological approach. For example, if student playing piano and does some mistake in music tones, an instructor can immediately correct him or her. The same thing software cannot do. Another advantage of teacher while learning piano is to master you in fingering piano.

Step 2

Things can be very difficult for a piano learner when he or she starts fingering piano by him or herself. However, when you have piano expert, he will guide you about how to go through from difficult phases during piano learning. He will do this by reviewing you physical and mental skill and teach you according to your skill level.

Step 3

Music with out emotion fails to cast its spell. Therefore, a teacher gives you charismatic idea that how to express your feelings and emotions through music. This is the biggest advantage of having a teacher. No machine can do this. Music is not all about playing according to music sheet into audible things. It is a thing that amazes listners and makes them feel. A teacher will teach you where you are lacking in emotions and feeling during piano play.


Different piano instructors require different things from their student that are necessary for learning piano. These requirements made to keep student up to date for piano play. These requirements may include that student must have full size electronic keyboard or acoustical piano for learning. In case student does not have such instruments, an intelligent instructor may ask him to invest money for the purchase of essential instrument. On other hand, software is not able to tell you what you exactly needed for learning piano. If there is not disturbance in environment, learning piano at home is not bad thing. However, joining an institute would make learner more punctual, which is extremely necessary for learning process. In addition, he or she can use different type of piano place for students in an institute.

Sources and Citations

To learn how to play piano, regular practice is very important. It not only enhances your piano playing skill but also you to experience new ideas also. Student can learn to play piano more quickly with help of teacher. He teaches students with passion, dedication and handwork. This ultimately brings enthusiasm in student to learn to play piano by heart.