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How To Play on Piano

Published at 03/18/2012 00:56:40


If you want to learn how to play on piano, there are a few steps that you must take.

Step 1

There are many ways to learn how to play on piano, but the best remains hiring a piano teacher that will make you understand everything you do regarding the piano.

Step 2

If you can’t afford a piano teacher, you can go on line and try to watch some piano tutorials, and for a beginner, they are very useful, so you can just go on youtube and search “how to play on piano”. Bu this method will not guarantee you become a serious piano singer it will only show you the basics, basics that will not help you too much if you want to become serious about playing this instrument.

Step 3

Playing a piano is a very serious business, because you will also have to be talented in music, it is not a thing that anyone can do. How to play on piano must be one of the earliest lessons. So, if you started piano lessons from an early age, but you have no talent at all, your chances of succeeding in playing a real song on a piano will increase over the years. But if you have already passed 20, and only now you have realized that you would like to lean how to play on piano, then your dedication must be very serious, otherwise, your chances of actually learning something about this, are zero.

Step 4

How to play on piano is not for everybody, because you have to actually like piano songs in order for you to understand the techniques used and to try to develop your own. So, going back to the first advice, a piano teacher is the best choice, because he or she has experience in this domain, and using that, he or she can help you understand better than you could on your own.

Step 5

Learning how to play on piano is directly link to your talent. If you are a talented person, than most of the songs you will learn will be by ear, if you are not so talented, than first you will have to study the notes, and after that try to make your own songs, or sing the greatest songs ever composed on piano.


If you want to become a serious piano player, than many years of your life will be spent on learning, the old techniques and the newer ones. Either way, it is certainly not an easy job. But if you have some talent, then all those years spent on learning will be easier for you.

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Almost anyone wants to learn how to play on piano, but not everyone has the time, the money or even the talent, so if you notice that you are not cut for it, then don’t waste your time, if you are passionate about instruments, try to learn how to play another one, if not, do something more useful with your time and money.
If you are a parent, you should at least try to teach your child how to play on piano, you never know what genius he or she will turn out.