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How To Transcribe Piano To Flute

Published at 02/07/2012 21:46:37


Understand the way the piano works and performs is a true picture of one will take the piano notes and transcribe them to the flute instrument. Its is very trick and requires great knowledge of what key the piano falls in and what key the flute falls in. transcribing from piano to flute needs more that just the g clef and the f clef it need the understanding of music because both the piano and the flute are from different music instrument families. The jazz piano is rich and might be switched or tuned to suite different tempo but the none standard flutes is more limited and fixed to the hole its has and might not sound differently because it has just one kind of key that it falls under. Understanding the sharps in the original music and representing the same original pitch needs further more understanding that just words in the music.

Step 1

It needs notes that have been written and played. Its is believed that in order to get the best music what maintain originally when transcribing from a piano to the flute it requires energy and a deeper look on the kind notes the piano was in and how they look when taken and perform from a flute without no causing any loose on notes and understanding of the song that was performed. Millions of songs are transcribed but only few remain original and true to the message they had because during transcribing from piano to flute some understand of the song might be lost and the originality as well might be compromised. Many music conductors tend to keep their songs well above their level by using keys that suite the flute instrument before transcribing the performance from piano to the flute. Though standard piano and flutes do need the transcription they highly complement each other easily.


The flute has an instrument vary further from the piano that can be used in much performance without necessary altering the original keys of a performance this is because the song pitch is easy to maintain. This is because the notes used in a flute instrument seem to sound as the performance are written thus no need to transcribe from piano to the flute. Most of the massages that composer think will be lost is just of the ears but a direct performance using the same unison pitch will give the exact massage as the piano performance was with little variation in sound quality.

Transposing and Unison

Piano and flute are unison instruments they do no need to be transcribe unless they are jazz piano and some other kind of flute that is much different from the normal kind of flute this is because the piano an to flute transcribing will not be different from the original work as both instruments fall under the same category of instruments that their massage sound has its is written.
Because the piano and the flute do note fall in the this class in general unless they are in jazz piano or a different kind of flute is becoming clear that the two instruments are just but of the same family that will no require transcribing from piano to flute.