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Piano And Keyboards - The Differences

Published at 04/06/2012 01:05:05


When you are wanting to know the difference between piano and keyboards, it is important to know that they have similarities and vast differences as well. Both are similar in the fact that they are played through keys. They both produce similar sounds and both can be played at different volumes of sound.

Piano and keyboard instruments are often favored when one is learning an instrument, though it is said that it is often harder to play the piano than other instruments because of the many keys that need to be depressed at different times in the music. It is so wonderful to hear the melodic sounds of beautiful piano music and the keyboard often can produce this same type of melodious music.

Piano and keyboard music is much more smooth than other instruments and tends to flow better in songs,especially those with vocal accompaniment. This helps the tune blend with the voice to produce a great sound that many enjoy in music.

What Is the Difference?

Piano and keyboards are both different in many ways. A piano is more human controlled. The player controls the volume through the pedal and the note on how hard they strike the piano keys. Keyboards are more electronic because they can produce different sounds and volumes as you play. They can sound like different instruments and types of music and you can even add instruments to the background. This makes a keyboard much more versatile in its music ability.

A piano is more classic and often more of a showcase instrument. It can be proudly displayed in the home and at church. A piano is a more soothing instrument than a keyboard because it has so much more of a melodic sound and just really can play in a different and more natural sound than the keyboard.

Both have their places in music. A traditional piano can play more classic pieces than a keyboard. There are so many uses for both types of instruments and with the results that they both produce, this can truly sound fantastic!


If you know how to play piano, you can play keyboard The only issue with a keyboard is that the keys are often smaller than the piano and this can make it harder to play if you have larger hands. Learning to play both can be a great musical experience for any music lover. It is important to learn the different nuances between the two instruments and to also know how they are similiar.

Have fun experimenting with the different sounds that each instrument can produce. This is a wonderful way to enjoy music in different musical ways. You can truly create some wonderful tunes on both instruments. Piano and keyboards sound so similiar, yet are so different in many ways. One great feature of the keyboard that the piano does not have is the ability to record your pieces through the instrument for playback.

Tips and comments

Have fun trying both instruments to learn their differences and similarities.

Use the features of the keyboard to create unique sounds.

Experiment with the differences in the instruments to create beautiful music.