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Published at 02/07/2012 23:45:05


One of the most historical and famous musical instruments present are the piano musical instruments, devised in the early 17th century by an Italian man. Piano musical instruments are comprised of a keyboard which produces the sound from its keys and the greater the hitting of keys, the more sound is produced, creating some wonderful and most talented pianists of all times. Although it isn’t one of the cheapest instruments, but its versatility of using it in any form of music genre is what attracts music lovers. Piano musical instruments are what the jazz and classical music is basically comprised of but it has gained popularity into every form of music whether it be chamber music, for ensemble use, mixing it in with latest songs produced etc, thus proving its wide popularity in almost everywhere. Pianos are a pleasure to play and listen to as well


The piano was first devised in the middle ages which is the 17th century in Italy. The piano invented then is different from the modern piano musical instruments of today which brought talented pianists like Beethoven, Mozart into this world and no one can produce music and tunes like the wonders they have performed with the piano. Music at first used to be produced on pianos at first, thus proving the importance of piano musical instruments into bringing music alive in everyone’s lives.


Piano musical instruments are a very challenging instrument to play with numerous keys and notes to be learnt and present. Special technique is required for the playing of the keys and producing the right notes while the genre of music like jazz has such a wide range of music to be produced that learning the exact notes and keys can take years of practice and experience developing the mastery and accurate skills for performing it. Learning it is very difficult process but excellent teachers are present today which can teach ever so skillfully. If not teachers then online tutorials are present and the intelligent youngsters of today are very much self helping and can learn themselves. However, the piano musical instruments underwent a lot of changes than the seventeenth century for example extended keyboards, with larger keys, differences in the stringing and there alignment and thus producing different sounds then of course. Thus, the sounds and notes produced by the pianist legends Mozart, Beethoven are unmatched but the popular pianist of today, popular names being Norah Jones, Stevie wonder, Chris Martin have continued the popular piano practice keeping it alive in the music of today.

Tips and comments

There are many websites available for providing tutorials devised by experienced pianists and talented professionals. Thorough research should be done for the correct websites or otherwise experienced teachers are always present, searching up advertisements in magazines and newspapers. It is healthy to learn the piano since research has shown people learning it have shown less symptoms of being aimed for fatal diseases while in the opposite case people who are deaf or blind are more talented than normal human beings for playing the piano musical instruments.


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