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How To Make a Dance Song Mix Tape

How To Make a Dance Song Mix Tape

Dance songs can get you pumped up and ready to start out your day. There are all types of dance song genres out there including house, trip hop, trance and new age disco. If you are a fan of dance music or would like to create a mix tape for your workouts, here's all you need to do so.

Step 1

Try to find some of your favorite dance hits or research new genres of dance music on the Internet. There are also all different types of online dance song radio stations that will give you plenty of ideas on how you want your mix tape laid out. If you are looking for a certain style, you can go to genre-related radio stations and pick out anything from vocal trance to dubstep music. If you already have an idea on what type of dance music and songs you want to add to your mix tape, you can perform an Internet search on the songs. Websites like and iTunes will offer you almost any song you can imagine for a low price. Buy the number of songs you want to add to your mix tape and download them as MP3s.

Step 2

After adding your new dance music MP3s to the appropriate music folder on your computer, you can now start creating your mix tape. Set the songs in the order in which you would like them to play. Move your mouse over the selected songs and move them up or down. You can also re-title the songs to your liking by clicking the right mouse button over the song’s name and typing in a new title. You may also add numbers to the tracks by doing this, which is great if your mix tape is going to be played on a CD. Put your blank CD in the computer’s CD drive and wait for your music player to bring up the “burn CD” option. Click the text and add your selected song to the queue. After clicking confirm, the songs will burn on your CD for about five minutes or more depending on how many songs you added to your mix tape. After the burning session, take out your new dance song music CD and test it out in your car or home stereo.

Step 3

An alternative and most often-used method is to add the songs to your MP3 player or iPod. This can be done by connecting a USB port to one of the devices and connecting it to your PC or laptop. A USB device pop up will show up once you place the cord in the computer’s USB port. A blank folder will show up from your MP3 player or iPod, this is the section where you can put in your dance song MP3s. Open up your folder which has all your music and drag your tunes into the blank folder. This will automatically add your dance songs to your connected device and they will show up automatically when you search for them.


Keep in mind you should purchase the songs you will be adding to your dance song mix tape. This will support the artist and the website in which you have ordered from.

By Lillia Florian, published at 02/01/2012
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