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All About Songz Trey

All About Trey Songz

Trey Songz is an American rapper and song writer best known for his hits "Gotta Make It" and "Girl Tonite." He defines the rapping genre with his own twist and unique voice. Since coming onto the music scene in 2004, he has been sampling keyboards and testing out rythm and blues effects to his voice. He has been associated with Drake, Twista, Rick Ross and Piles.


Born Tremaine Aldon Neverson, his family noticed his strong potential in singing and rapping. Being a military brat always on the move with his family had created a bit of shyness in Songz Trey. Trey noticed the tune of his voice at the age of 14 and although was bashful, sang at his highschool talent show. A record producer caught wind of one of Trey's talent show perfomances and offered him a record deal he couldn't refuse. In 2002, Atlantic Records signed Songz Trey. Trey then moved to New Jersey and started to record his debut album which was finally released in 2004.

The debut album sold 300,000 in the United States alone and was Trey Songz' claim to fame.


In the mid 2000s, Trey Day was the second album for Songz Trey. Trey implored the help of R. Kelly into making the album and had two hit singles spawn from it entitled "Wonder Woman" and "Can't Help But Wait". This album sold 400,000 across the country and had great promotion. The onloy downfall to the album was single "Missin' You", which failed to deliver and did not make it on the Hot 100 Billboard charts.

In 2009 and 2010 his next album called Ready went into the forefront. Trey became an opening act for Jay Z during his Fall tour in 2009 which garnered more success for Songz. Trey's Ready album even got nominated at the 2010 Grammys. With the help of R & B artist Drake, Trey Songz got to number one on the Hot 100 charts with the song "I Invented Sex". This album is what put Songz Trey back into the rap music scene. He has also recorded an MTV Unplugged episode showing the making of the album as well as a music video with Keri Hilson. His latest album Passion, Pain and Pleasure had hit songs on the rap charts in the 20th to 10th range and he himself stated the album is his most personal. With the help of Facebook, the album began to trend on Twitter which helped promoting the sales. Trey then had a small tour around the company with venues of around 5,000 people.


Songz Trey new album is a work in progress but he has released an EP on his birthday which featured a mixtape The mixtape was to amp up fans towards his new album and showcase a variety of different song styles. The album's release date is yet to be announced but Trey had stated that since it is his sixth year in the business, the album is for the fans. He is said to go on tour in early 2012 to help promote his recently released EP and in hopes of gaining attention for his anticipated album.

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