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Clothes Storage Tips For Your Home

Published at 03/25/2012 00:55:35


Unless you store your clothing properly, it will be eaten by moths. There are always methods to avoid this and protect your clothes at home that you need to store for a season.

Step 1

Some of the most effective methods to store your clothes at home safely are to choose a place or closet in your house that is far from getting damp and is completely dry and clean. The area should be free of any mold or mildew and special care should be taken even if the place has the slightest bit of danger of getting your clothes ruined.

Step 2

When planning on storing your clothes at home after following a save plan, you must always remember to sort them out before you finally start to pack them up. Sort the like ones together and pull out the clothing that you no longer wish to wear and give it up for charity later or hold a garage sale at the end of the day.

Step 3

What also needs to be done in order to keep your clothes at home in the same way is to launder each one of them. Even if you think your clothes look clean, they would still need a wash as moths and other such tiny intruders are greatly attracted to stains that you have long forgotten about. If you leave a stain, small or big as it is for a long period of time, it has a lot of chances to grow darker and deeper into the fabric as well.

Step 4

Once all of your storage clothing is washed, make this sure that all of your clothes completely dry out even if that means letting your clothes dry for an entire day. As moisture is one of the worst enemies of clothes, drying them out properly plays a very major role as a storage solution for your clothes at home.

Step 5

One thing that you strictly need to avoid washing your clothes at home is the use of any chemical based product except your detergent. For instance, fabric softeners bleach or starch because even these product give an invitation to the insects to come and raid these clothes. Similarly, you should also prevent dry cleaning your clothes right before storing them and only those clothes can be dry cleaned whose labels allow you to.


When you are done following all of the above mentioned solutions and tips for keep your clothes at home safely without any risk, you can also iron your clothes specially those of cotton to insure extra care from the insects as heat completely destroys them even if there are any. As a result, you are now set to pack your clothes into plastic bags or boxes to keep your clothes at home away for the season.


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