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Tips For Shopping For Plus-Size Clothing


Shopping for clothing can be a day of fun or a nightmare, especially if you are a plus sized women. Not all trends are made for every figure, so choosing wisely is the key. A few simple tips and knowing your body is the only way for a plus sized woman to enjoy her day of clothing shopping and go home with a feel of satisfaction. If you are a plus sized women, before heading out clothing shopping, keep these tips in mind to avoid any fashion mistakes.

Step 1

Go for the fit

Ignore the numbers and go for the fit is the number one clothing rule for plus sized women. What may be a size 14 at one store is a size 16 at another. So instead of looking at the numbers on the tag, take the plus sized clothing into the dressing room and try it on for yourself.

Step 2

Match your body shape

It is important to choose clothing that matches your body shape, whether you are plus sized or not. Choose clothing that hugs in the right places while roomy enough to allow you to move freely. If your top is your best feature, buy form fitting tops with flowing bottoms to accent it;

Step 3

Look at current trends

Look at all the current trends and styles in your size. Plus sized clothing trends are sometimes in line with other trends, sometimes not. It is up to you to choose a trend that you think looks good on your body and go with it. But remember, just because a certain trend is in style does not mean you need to wear it, even if it does look good.

Step 4

Match your personal style

If the latest clothing trend does not fit your own plus sized personality, it is not right for you. You need to choose clothes that represent who you are, and if you are not a skinny jeans type of person, then you will not feel comfortable in them and they will not look good on you.

Step 5

Pay attention to color and material

Material is very important in clothing for plus sizes. Clingy, shiny materials will just emphases a full figured body in all the wrong places. Form fitting and clothing that hugs looks great on plus sized figures if worn correctly. Always buy clothing with material that flows and feels good, stiff material will just make your feel bigger than your plus size and be hard to move in.

Play with colors. Color blocking is big today, choosing colors like black that are slimming on the areas you want to tone down, and bright colors on the areas you want to show off. Mix and match color and do not be afraid to go bold.


Fit is the number one factor in buying plus sized clothing. Never buy too big or too small.

Clothing that is too big will make you look much bigger than you actually are.

Clothing that is too small will only emphasize all the parts of your body that you do not want emphasized.

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By Lucy Beam, published at 03/05/2012
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