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How To Properly Bag Clothing


Is it your first time to travel? Or are you a frequent traveller? Well, regardless if it’s your first time or not, you should know the basic steps of how to properly bag clothing.

Step 1

Step 1: Iron clothes properly

If you think that it’s pointless to iron clothes if you want to properly bag clothing, well, you may probably be wrong. Even if you decide to bring your own iron, or you would just rely on hotel services to iron your clothes, proper bag clothing should still always include ironing clothes first. This makes folding and arranging easier. Also, making sure to iron your clothes first would somehow help you save space in your bag thus, preventing you from bringing extra unnecessary baggage.

Step 2

Step 2: Fold clothes properly

It would be useless to iron your clothes and you just put everything in your bag without even folding them. In proper bag clothing, the main purpose for folding clothes properly is for your clothes to be wrinkle free and for you to have enough space in your bag. If you want to follow proper bag clothing, you should know how to fold clothes properly. In folding your clothes, make sure not to make it too bulky, just make it look as flat as possible. To follow proper bag clothing, don’t make too much folds in your clothes, you should follow the three folds rule, meaning that you should make at most three folds to your clothes. The usual folding style would be by placing face down the front side of your shirt and make two lengthwise folds on the sides then making a crosswise fold from the mid section of your shirt.

Step 3

Step 3: Roll up clothes

In proper bag clothing, rolling up your clothes would be optional but is still needed if you plan to carry a lot of clothes. If you carry a lot of clothes, simply folding and placing the clothes in your bag won’t make enough space. So, for you to have enough space without carrying another extra bag or without having to risk having your clothes wrinkled, you can roll them up. When you roll your clothes, make sure to start from the folded area on the mid section of your clothing then roll your way up to the collar or neckline.

Step 4

Step 4: Cover clothes with plastic

Another step that you can do to properly bag clothing is to make sure that you cover your clothes with plastic. There are some people who bag their clothes and other stuff separately to keep their clothes from getting soiled or wrinkled. However, that won’t always be necessary. You can cover your clothes with plastic, either individually or just cover up the clothes section in your bag with any plastic (even simple transparent trash bags will do). This will be enough to keep your clothes from being soiled when you plan to stuff your baggage with other things such as books, shoes, or any other materials.

Step 5

Step 5: Properly arrange in bag

To properly bag clothing, proper space allocation is very important. This would help you from identifying what clothes you brought, or where you placed a certain type of clothing in your bag. Aside from that, it would help you save some space in your bag for other things that you would need to bring so you wouldn’t have to bring a lot of bags with you when you travel. This is why properly arranging your bag is important. You have to make sure that you arrange the things in your bag properly, making separate sections only for clothes, and for other stuff.


Whether it's your first time to travel or not, you should know the basic steps clothes bagging.

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