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Why Home Food Is Best


Food is a very important part of life. You literally cannot live without it. The importance of food cannot be overemphasized. Its one of the non-negotiables in this life. Without it, you practically die. Food is good. Food is a necessity. Food can bring satisfaction and joy. However, one important fact about food is that, not all foods are beneficial to man. In fact, many people suffer because of food. A very serious aspect of food is that it also determines how you will live your life.


Our world today is a very fast-pace, dynamic and competitive place. Sometimes, you just cant afford to slow down. We need to keep up with everything that goes on. That is why everything must be done in an instant. This has affected our way of living in every aspect even in our food. This is the reason why fast foods and restaurant have become more appealing to the people. With all the convenience that eating fast food offers, many people still prefer home cooking. Here is a comparison between restaurant and fast food against home food and then we will discover why home food is best.


Restaurant food is more focused on the entertainment side of dining. Chefs, while making the food, have the food presentation and showmanship as priorities on their mind rather the health of the person eating. In restaurants, the focus is on transforming an ordinary meal into an excellent and exquisite food. The idea is to give the diners an enjoyable experience. Restaurant s and fast foods generally use cheap commodity vegetables and purchase industrial commodity chicken veal bones as supply for their stocks. Restaurants and fast foods have little nutritional value on their food. They usually use trans fat for cooking. This type of fat is very dangerous since it contributes to the increase of a people cholesterol level as well as develop heart disease. Fast foods are also known to use saturated fat when cooking. Saturated fat contributes to obesity and also heart disease.

On the other hand, home cooking is not really focused on food presentation although if you are creative enough, you might be able to give it a little touch of your creativity and enhance the presentation. But generally, home-cooked food provides a little visual attraction, although it takes more time and is more meticulous to prepare. Home cooking is focused on the nutritional side of eating. It gives more emphasis on the health of a person. Eating home food develops mental strength. One of the most important thing about home food is that it sets you up into a more healthy living resulting to a more healthy body.

As a conclusion, restaurant and fast foods, while mostly delicious and more enjoyable to eat, is not the best food for you. Eating of healthy and nutritious foods must be given more importance and value if we are to have a healthy body and be able to enjoy life more. All the convenience and delight that restaurant and fast foods could offer cannot equate the benefits that home food could give. This is the reason why home food is best.

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Let us always bear in mind that the kind of food that we eat will determine the kind of life we will live. Will it be a life of good health or a life of sickness? Choose your food well.

By Seth Evan, published at 03/15/2012
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