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Jackson hole airport is a public airport located on the north of the central business district of Jackson town in Teton county in the united states of America. It is wholly owned by the Jackson hole airport board. It is located in a national park and it is the only one of its kind in the United states of America. it is a wonder but the Jackson airport once had an unusual terminal building resembling a pioneer log cabin to which really blended well with its environment and served as an attraction to all its customers and visitors making it a tourism attraction. Later on in the Jackson airport invested quit a big amount of money to a project of terminal expansion and the beauty about all this is that the original design that blended in with the surroundings of the Jackson airport were preserved and so now the entrance from the outside is a wood walkway that heeds to the main terminal building. The Jackson airport is quit big and has a total of six gates.


The airport was formally created in the early 1930s since it was viewed as the best place to put up an airport in Teton County later due to its beauty and its uniqueness if being placed in a national park it was declared a national monument which was to serve as a national tourist attraction and so it had to merge with the Grand Teton National Park. The Jackson airport became very famous and due to high demand its runways was extended so as to accommodated bigger planes and with the increase of more planes wanting to land in the Jackson airport it was proposed that the airports runway should be increased but this raised so much opposition from the National Park Services since there was too much noise other environmental effects such as pollution and hence this proposal was never put to action. But the cries of the National Park Service were heard and jets with engines that did not make so much noise were introduced.


Some of the airlines that serve the Jackson airport include

American Airlines , Delta Air lines , Delta Connection , Frontier Airlines , United Airlines , United Express

Some of the destinations which Jackson Airport serves include

Dallas Minneopolis , salt lake city , Denver , Chicago , Los Angeles and Francisco.

Most of the destinations are seasonal it is important to note what destinations are seasonal so as not to get disappointed once you get to the airport.

The Jackson airport covers a large area of about 550 acres and it is very much a noise sensitive area and that is because of the National Park in which it is built in. and to implement this it has a ban on all aircrafts that have very noisy engines which are mostly the older designs. It is also good to note that the Jackson Airport has a good record when it comes to accidents since very few accidents have happened since it was build.

Tips and comments

The airport is a popular mating ground to the rare Sage Grouse.

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