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About the Airport Faro

Published at 04/06/2012 13:31:49


The Faro airport is located on the west side of a town named faro which is found in Portugal. It is located approximately 4 kilo meters form the town Faro. The Faro airport is known for its congestion during March to October that is during summer it gets really busy to the extent that the airport becomes a slot coordinated airport. The airport is a proud owner of about thirty six boarding gates and about 60 check in desks this is a big number but it is proper for the airport to deal with there ever growing number of customers. In the current years the airport has raised its customer base to a good number of approximately six million passengers and this prompted Ryan air to base seven of its aircrafts at the Faro Airport and that is when finally the Faro Airport became a hub early in the year 2010.


When you arrive you do not have to worry about the ground transport this is because the Faro Airport is served by more than ten car rentals firms. These car rental firms offer the best deals in car rental services in terms of prices and are very effective you can also be sure of security. The best part is that you can hire a car online so that when you get to the airport you don’t have to hustle for ground transport. The Faro airport also offers ample parking space so that there is always a rental car ready for you at the parking bay. The airport is also close to the A22 highway which connects throughout the Algarve and direct to Lisbon and Spain this is of great advantage because if you are going to any of the destinations you can catch a buy just after you land just next to the Faro Airport.


Faro Airport is big enough to handle a multitude of about six million passengers a year and this is well facilitated by its great infrastructure of 22 stands of which 16 are remote it also has 60 check in desks and 36 boarding gates, and as the years go since it as opened many more developments are coming up in 1989 Faro airport built the new passengers terminal and recently the whole airport was enlarged as a whole. And since the number of passengers is quickly Faro Airport is working towards great improvement as it is in their five years development plan these developments will include increase of aircraft parking, increase in operation safety, increase in aircraft capacity and renovation and expansion of commercial areas.

Tips and comments

Some of the airlines that serve the Faro Airport include

  • British Airways
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Easyjet
  • Enter air
  • Germania
  • German Wings
  • Flybe
  • Niki
  • Moarch
  • Luxair

Some of the destinations you would get to through Faro Airport include

  • Dublin
  • Berlin
  • Toronto
  • Amsterdam
  • Vienna
  • London-city
  • Geneva
  • Zurich
  • Shannon.

Some of this destinations are seasonal .the Faro airport does not have a big record of accidents therefore you are guaranteed of a safe flight to your destination. Ever since it was opened it has only recorded three major accidents till date.


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