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How To Determine the Size For Newborn Baby Clothing


Every mother wants the best newborn baby clothing for her precious baby. Every baby is a treasure, a jewel that only deserves the best. What better way to welcome the newest member of the family than by adorning him or her with frilly and adorable clothing. A baby’s birth is a milestone that only happens once in a lifetime, and the clothes to wrap your newborn with should be the best that it can be.

Hand-me-downs are a great option, too; but why not splurge a little for your newborn? Your newborn baby clothing does not have to be too expensive; affordable and simple will do. Your baby has just been born, fresh from your womb, so why not wrap him or her in something equally fresh and new? You will be immortalizing your baby’s birth through photographs and videos, anyway, so give your baby only the best.

In shopping for newborn baby clothing, you’re probably wondering how you will be able to determine the clothing size of your newborn child. Since he or she is still in your womb and you want to prepare as early as possible, you need to be able to make an estimate as to the size of your baby’s clothes. Here are five tips that you can employ while shopping for newborn baby clothes.

Step 1

Ask Fellow Moms:
One of the most practical things to do is to ask fellow moms, particularly those who recently just gave birth. They can help you estimate the clothing size for your newborn baby. Ask each of your mom friends and acquaintances regarding the clothing sizes of their babies when they just gave birth. Once you have gathered such information, extract the average size, and this is most likely the safest clothing size by which you can estimate for your own newborn baby clothing.

Step 2

Ask Your Doctor"
It is wise to ask your doctor who can give you a rough estimate of how large your baby will be when he or she comes out of your womb. Your doctor is one of the few people who are very familiar with the status of the baby in your womb. Seeking advice from your doctor is almost always a no-fail option.

Step 3

Buy In Bigger Sizes Rather than Smaller Ones:
Are you still in doubt? Why not buy newborn baby clothing in bigger sizes rather than smaller ones? This is a safer option; in case your baby turns out to be smaller than what you expected him or her to be, at least your baby will be able to wear the clothes for a few more months (or years) rather than if you buy clothes in his or her exact size.

Step 4

Don’t Buy In Bulk…Yet:
Another safe option is not to buy in bulk just yet. Buy a few articles of newborn baby clothing first, good enough to last for a few days, and then you can add up to your baby’s clothing collection after your childbirth. Also, it is better to buy a few pieces of good quality clothing than to buy numerous pieces of shabby ones.

Step 5

Follow Your Instinct:
Follow your instinct and the rest will follow. Every mother is gifted with reliable instinct that will surely get her through motherhood. You can use this instinct even in buying newborn baby clothing for your child—what you feel seems perfect for your baby is no doubt perfect for him or her. This is as plain and simple as it can get.


Go ahead and enjoy shopping for newborn baby clothes. There’s no better way to celebrate the birth of your precious child than to wrap him or her snugly in cute and cuddly newborn baby clothing.

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