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Two Steps To Plan Bowling Birthday Parties


Everyone wants to celebrate their birthday parties and wants that day to be just perfect and people invited to the party are looking forward to it as birthday parties are fun and fun with friends and family both is something that one gets once a year. Some people arrange games and entertainment such as music on birthday parties and some have themes that make the party more interesting and some parties have a particular sport or game that everyone has to play. Bowling is a game that many love; children, adults and teenagers all enjoy this sport. There are places specifically designed for bowling and one can arrange their birthday party there. Birthday bowling parties are gaining popularity and many people are choosing bowling as a theme for their birthday parties, especially teenagers.


Birthday bowling parties are exciting for everyone. In a bowling place one has to wear shoes that do not slip and are suitable to the floor of the bowling theater. This gives you a new look and children and teenagers love to experiment and look different. For children you can ask the management staff to place bumpers on the sides of the bowling lanes so that their balls don’t roll into the gutters, this will make the children happy who are beginners and are learning to handle the ball. You can make your Birthday bowling parties the same as if in your home. You can ask the staff to put on party decorations and choose a variety of food in the food menu. You can also give party favors and for the parents who come along with their kids you can arrange a separate table and a separate game such as cards while the children play bowling.


Planning birthday bowling parties is easy and does not take much time but one should plan their birthday bowling party three weeks earlier so that nothing goes unfinished and the guests have a good time. Two simple steps to plan birthday bowling parties are that you divide your work into two steps, first should include the booking and the guests and the second should be the things to do which will include the food menu, the extra games and the party favors and the gift opening. The first thing you need to do is find a bowling alley which will be free on the date of the birthday and then book it. Then comes the guests, first make a list of the guests and then make or buy invitations, making invitations at home will be cheaper and the birthday boy/girl will like to make invitations and show his/her creativity. Then in the things to do first select the food that you want to have on the menu then the activities that you want other than bowling and lastly the party favors, you can make the party favors at home or buy inexpensive gifts or goodie bags.

Tips and comments

You should also ask the guests in the invitations to let you know whether they are coming or not, this way you will know how much food you need to have on the menu and also how many party favors you need to buy or make.

By Sultan Khan, published at 01/24/2012
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Two Steps To Plan Bowling Birthday Parties. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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