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Two Steps To Plan Bowling Birthday Parties

Published at 01/25/2012 07:41:31

Birthday bowling parties

Birthday bowling parties are very exciting and filled with so much fun although many people think there is much difficulty in planning birthday bowling parties as compared to the others, the truth is that it is much simpler. With the right preparation and planning, you will be surprised that the process is less stress and full of fun even before the day. From variety of game ideas, to food drinks, music, etc; you will love it. Bowling with friends can never be as special as on your birthday. Therefore, invite all your friends and give them a special birthday bowling parties they have never experienced in life.

Two steps to plan birthday bowling parties

• First it is important to consider a location and obviously it will be best for you and your budget if you decide to have the birthday party in a bowling alley where you can get great discounts for bowling equipments and other games and also the bowling center can be used for your birthday party. Make sure you do not delay in paying for venue the very day you are sure it is what you want to prevent any ties with another program.
• Make sure the whole party is planned perfectly by having a guest list to ensure that only authorized persons are allowed into the bowling alley on that specific day. Also, make sure that you have the whole placed decorated perfectly before the time which can be done by the workers of local bowling alley you are having the party at.

Some bowling party ideas

• You can start by making your invitation the talk of town by either designing it yourself or hiring the services of an experienced graphic designer to design the cards for you. You can also print invitation details in T-shirts and hand deliver them. Also, buying a child’s birthday bowling parties set and tying the invitation around the neck is another nice idea or even writing your invitation on a bowling card and ties it around the neck of a bowling pin. All these invitation delivery ideas can heighten the interest of people in the birthday party. Also make sure you leave a number to call for RSVP.
• Once you have your RSVP’s you should immediately begin to plan for food chairs, drinks and also snacks. Here, it will be best to always plan with some surplus because you might have some people call at the last minute.
• Take pictures of your friends or guests bowling with you and print it out to them or you can also take pictures of guests as they dance, eat or even drink then print it out to them before they leave.
• Also, have a bowling game where all participants will be blindfolded to see who is first and last. The winner can be crowned Mr. or Miss Bowling.

Some tips to help you plan a perfect party

• Make sure there is enough to eat and drink
• Make sure there is lot of music and games
• Make sure there are enough waste bins to make sure there is less dirt when you leave.


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