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Planning A Bowling Birthday Parties?

Birthday Bowling Parties

Coming up with birthday bowling parties ideas can be very difficult especially when you do not have an idea of how to plan a birthday party but whether you are planning it yourself or planning it for your friend it can be a stressful process. Most times, it is advisable to have birthday bowling parties at local bowling alleys which is the best but others decide to do otherwise which brings about more stress than usual. Having a good plan laid out is the only way your birthday bowling parties can be done perfectly.

How to plan birthday bowling parties

• Start by contacting local bowling alleys. Contact more than 5 bowling alleys then visit their alleys to talk to them and ask for price quotes also discounted rates. You should never forget to ask for other services they make available to you in their package. Compare all offers and make a decision. It will be best for you to pay for the venue the very day you realize it is where you prefer because bowling alleys can be very booked so make sure you rent on time.
• Make sure all invitations you make exactly match the theme and are sent two or three weeks before the date with phone numbers in the invitation for invited guests to confirm their attendance or to book reservations.
• You can also print out bowling T-shirts and caps for all invited guests specially designed with your name in the design making it clear it is from your party. It is true you might have a guest list but most times, it will be best if you print 10 more of the shirts apart from the number on your guest list should in case.
• Hire the services of a professional photographer to take pictures of you and every guest when they enter the venue and also during the party. Make available picture printing machines to print out all pictures with your signatures at the back for every guest.
• Make sure decorations are done perfectly not to be too crowded in the venue but precise and beautiful.
• Make sure there is so much food to eat and drinks to drink not forgetting candies and snacks.
• Do not forget to have waste bins in every area of the venue to prevent too much littering and after party cleaning stress.

Some things you will need to plan the party

• Location
• Invitation cards
• Guest list
• Printer
• Iron on transfer paper
• T – shirts
• Caps
• Decorations
• Tables and chairs
• Birthday cake
• Food and drinks
• Birthday party games
• Waste bins

Some tips to help you have a great birthday party

• Make sure location is not too far away from town or from your home; it should also be easy to reach at anytime in the day or night.
• Do not put too much stress on yourself, try hard to have fun, look breath taking on the day and have so much fun.

Therefore, enjoy your birthday with the most entertaining birthday bowling parties. Plan and celebrate with all your dear relatives and friends.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 01/21/2012
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Planning A Bowling Birthday Parties? . 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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