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Simple Steps To Plan Bowling Birthday Parties

Published at 01/21/2012 11:18:18

Bowling birthday parties

A birthday parties bowling theme is one of the best where older children and teenagers are concerned because it offers more space and fun which children love and also is one of the best. Planning birthday parties bowling is can be very stressful especially when you are not having the party in a bowling alley. You can either decide to plan the birthday party on your own or seek the services of an expert.

Some things you will need to plan birthday parties bowling

• Party location
• The Guest List
• Invitation cards
• Party schedule
• Party food and drinks
• Balloons and decorations
• Birthday cakes
• Table cloths
• Old bowling pins
• Streamers, etc.

It is very wise to have birthday parties bowling theme as it will create a enjoyable ambience. Each guest will lilke the birthday parties bowling theme as its not a common birthday theme that can be seen regularly.

Simple steps for planning birthday parties bowling

• You should start by choosing a location. When choosing a location, it is important to make sure that you choose a location that is not so popular but very beautiful and spacious. Never delay in renting the place if you find it to be best. Make sure you search for location one month before you start birthday preparations. A bowling alley is best advisable for such parties.
• After you have searched and weighed all locations and finally paid in advanced for the date; it is time to create your guest list. When creating the guest list, it will be best if the celebrant is given some three days to write down the names and numbers which should be during the time location is being searched for to make sure that he or she has a list by the time location is found.
• Hire the services of a graphic designer to design invitation cards for you or design it yourself by downloading some designing software’s from the internet. Make sure invitation cards are sent two or three weeks before the day of birthday and leave a number for confirmation to create a guest list proper.
• Make sure you plan the birthday party schedule properly. For instance, there has to be time for bowling, video games, and other activities like eating, gift opening, etc.
• Make sure there is so much to eat and drink to make the party lively. Sometimes, bowling alleys take responsibility for everything from decorations to food and drinks which can go a long way in helping you save money but you can bring additional food and drinks to add up.
• You can decide to make a cake by yourself or buy one but make sure it is done beautifully and should be in accordance with the birthday theme color.

Some tips to consider when planning birthday parties bowling

• Make sure no matter the age of children, there is some sort of protection to ensure that they do not misbehave.
• Make sure plans are made ahead of time.
• Most bowling alleys give discounts for birthday parties and can rent their alleys to you for 1 to up to 5 hours or more if you want at discounted prices.
• It is mostly advisable to give yourself some time to plan the party.
• Do not pick a venue or location so out of town.


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