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Organizing Bowling Birthday Parties

Published at 02/01/2012 10:03:44


Bowling Birthday Parties are some of the most exciting and interactive Birthday parties. Children and adults get an opportunity to have fun and intermingle with the children. Especially when you there is a little bowler in the house this party is the best idea. Bowling Birthday Parties are not for very young children, the ages of seven and thirteen and above will be able to enjoy this type of a birthday party. The bowling birthday parties will include everything, such as bowling party invitations, bowling games, and even bowling decorations and not to forget the bowling arena.


Organizing Bowling Birthday Parties

People have hosted birthday parties, at their house, in the lounge, in the garden, in the backyard, in parks, in halls, literally everywhere. Hosting a birthday party in a bowling alley was a very unique and fun idea. Therefore the trend of hosting bowling birthday parties in bowling allies became very popular and extremely new. It’s easy to organize and its loads of fun.


To start off the bowling birthday parties planning, one must call the local bowling alley, and check for its availability at the day of the birthday and packages they have to offer. Then according to the guest list, it would be wise to book the adequate number of alleys. One of the best parts about the bowling alleys is that you don’t have to worry about snacks and all. Since the bowling alleys don’t allow outside food. The only food item from outside that is allowed is a cake. The drinks and snacks would have to be ordered at the bowling alley. The invites for the party, must be bowling themed. These invites can be printed online, or bought from a party store. Now the bowling birthday party decorations, the first step for this is to choose a color scheme. Some people like to have an old retro feel to the party. But it would be easier to ask the birthday boy/girl about what color scheme they would like. The only problem when it comes to decorations would be to check with the bowling alley, if they allow decorations, and if they do, then to what extent. If decorations are allowed, one can make tissue paper pompoms and dangling bowling shoes, shirts, balls etc. It would also be nice to take bowling themed tableware, such as paper plates, and napkins etc. The goody bags could be bowling themed as well. There could be mini bowling games, stickers, and marble sized bowling balls.

Tips and comments

When calling to book the bowling alley, ask for the family rates, and then ask them about the party rates. There is a difference in both, some bowling alleys charge the same or have a very minute difference in the rates, while others offer discounts for families and charge a lot more for parties. Part of your birthday planning could involve interesting party games, such as bowling backwards, bowling in slow motion, silly walk as one approaches the lane. All these games would make the party more fun than just a plain bowling session.


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