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When you choose a university where you want to follow specific courses, there are some aspects that must be taken into account, such as: career programs, its prestige, its teachers and its students. Nevertheless, it is important for a university or a college to have interesting career programs, great prestige, professional teachers and good students. Regarding this, one may take into consideration the Christian colleges and universities. Students which choose one of these universities get a great education and get also the chance to improve both their intellectual and spiritual side. The main goal of this kind of universities is to teach all students the real significance about truth and faith concerning God. However, the Christian colleges and universities have, beside biblical teachings, a lot of good advice for daily life too.

Reasons to choose a Christian University

If you want to get a great religious education then you should definitely choose one of the Christian Colleges and Universities in the United States Of America. Their career programs are based on the biblical beliefs and the teachers try to enrich all sides of an individual: spiritual, intellectual, social and physical. Such Christian Colleges and Universities help student find its own reason for life, search for truth and listen to the voice of God.

Top Three Christian Universities

Such universities exist in most of the countries but of course there are some extremely high rated ones. The most significant ones are placed on the American continent and are chosen by hundreds of students annually. There is a top of twenty Christian Colleges and Universities made by Forbes in the article “America’s best universities”. The first one in the top is Centre College, a university placed in Danville, Kentucky; it is an university that expects bright and intelligent students to fallow it biblical courses. The university offers great opportunities, chances to study abroad and after getting the degree in a certain field, you get financial support if needed. The second high rated Christian college is the one placed in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. It is named Boston College and it has a rich history dating from 1863 when the Society of Jesus founded the institution. It is offers a chance to both undergraduate and postgraduate students with its career programs. Last but not least, the Kenyon College placed in Gambier, Ohio takes the third place in the top, regarding Forbes. It is smaller than the first ones, but has excellent reputation and interdisciplinary programs. The dedicated and friendly teacher are able to serve students for whatever they need, there is a high level of intellectual ambition and the keyword of the institution is “collaboration”. Other great Christian universities in this top are St Mary’s College of California or Emory University.


In most of the cases, the Christian Colleges and Universities fees are not too high, so parents can afford sending their children there. It is cheaper than other universities and the opportunities are the same or even more: there are offered great scholarships or internships in many countries and the students get irreproachable conditions of studying; furthermore, this tariff includes the campus fees too.

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