Information About Advertising a Video Game
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Information About Advertising a Video Game

Published at 02/18/2012 22:25:57


Information About Advertising a Video Game

Let’s say you have a great idea for a video game and you want to turn that great idea into a hit success that people around the world will want to buy. Once you have the game all finished and polished to perfection you need to be able to advertise effectively to enable the game to be the smash success that you know it can be. Wonderful game video advertising is the key to getting people interested in your product. This way potential customers know exactly where to go to get your game.

How to Advertise

Information About Advertising a Video Game

One place to consider game video advertising is in the national magazine circuit that caters to video games. There are many of these publications and getting an ad in one of these magazines can be the key to getting knowledge of your game out to the public. Try to contact the magazine directly and ask them how much it costs to advertise with them. If you find that the price is to steep you can look for less well known magazines that may let you place your game video advertising for a lower price. If you are truly a lone developer with little resources, then you can try self-marketing. You can do things such as place ads in the local paper or place fliers in local stores where there are community billboards. This will not necessarily get attention nationwide for your game, but even this game video advertising is a start for you video game design. Another option for game video advertising is to go onto websites such as forums and mention the game in relevant discussion posts. This will get the word out to people who are potential customers and give them a chance to purchase the game. When doing this make sure you are following the forums rules and not spamming the discussions with your advertisements. Trying to get a place on digital distribution platforms such as Steam that will get your game out to a wider audience. If the game is small and you are looking to simply get the word out then you can offer it for a low price. Digital distribution platforms area great way to get started with game video advertising because people can download the game directly from their home. This keeps the customer from having to seek out the game at stores.

Offering Free Trials

Offering the game for free for a time is also an option. Many people are willing to try a game that they don’t have to pay for. You will be losing some of the potential revenue that you could have obtained from these customers, but the game video advertising that you receive will be worth the loss in the long run.

Tips and comments

There are many ways to game video advertising in today’s world and knowing where to go is the first step. Once you have created a great game that you know people will enjoy you can market it to increase demand. With enough patience and dedication you can make that small-time game into a smash success.


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