How To Find Restaurant Management Jobs
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How To Find Restaurant Management Jobs

Published at 02/26/2012 05:09:50


How To Find Restaurant Management Jobs

There is much more to restaurant management jobs than just cooking and serving food. You have to be able to multitask and think on your feed for 10 to 12 hours at a time. Only then will you be able to keep everything running smoothly while following a tight budget. With all of the demands that come from restaurant management jobs it should come as no surprise that there is a high turnover rate. The good news about this though is that you will be able to find a job if you are just a little enterprising.

Step 1

Whenever you are putting together your resume, make sure to highlight your skills not just your employment history. You should also give concrete examples of your skills. State what you did in the key areas of the restaurant management jobs that you have held in the past. Only use references that are able to vouch for these things.


Step 2

Take the time to earn either a 2 or a 4 year degree in either hospitality or restaurant management from a college, university or culinary school near you. By getting educated before going after restaurant management jobs you will actually have a leg up. Then once you have restaurant management jobs you should continue to take other educational courses so that you will be able to stay up to date in the field. This will keep you continuously one step ahead of your competition.


Step 3

Once you are ready to start looking for restaurant management jobs, you should begin looking through online classified ads web sites to see who is hiring. You will also want to drop in on managers of school cafeterias, private care facilities, treatment centers, hospitals and restaurants. Do not automatically write off small cafes, chain restaurants and fast food joints. Find out if they have any job openings or foresee any in the near future. At the same time, it is also a good idea to network with other people who are currently working in the food service industry. Tell them that you are looking for a management position.


Step 4

Make sure that before you go to an interview you are able to show your potential employers that you really want to work there. Take some time to know their clientele, review their menu, how many staff members there are and what the hours of operation are. You will also want to have questions available to ask about the restaurant management jobs that they are hiring for. By preparing ahead of time for your interviews for restaurant management jobs you will also be calm and able to project professionalism. This will go a long way in demonstrating that you are patient and have the tact needed for dealing with demanding customers and difficult staff members. Also, make sure that you are clean and well groomed whenever you are after restaurant management jobs.

Step 5

Even if you have a successful interview resulting in a job that may not have been your first choice, you should still accept it. It is a place to gain experience, especially if this is your first restaurant management job. Remember, everyone has to start somewhere.


Never go into a restaurant to inquire about jobs during peak hours.

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