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How To: Restaurant Management For Beginners


Being in restaurant management is both exciting and challenging. It requires effort, organization and hard work to be successful in restaurant management. You have to know how to use every resource to your advantage in order to help your business grow, bring in new diners and make more money.

Step 1

Tell your staff exactly what you expect of them. Thoroughly outline their job description before hiring them. Set strict requirements and guidelines in regard to your menu, recipes, time management, assignment of tasks and employee conduct. Hold regular meetings with department heads to discuss problems and concerns, as well as to hear any suggestions. As part of the restaurant management team you are responsible for ensuring everything runs efficiently. Whenever employees consistently fail to meet your standards, you shouldn't be afraid to replace them. Of course, you need to make an effort to help them improve their performance first.

Step 2

As part of the restaurant management team you must develop a good marketing strategy. Only when others hear about your restaurant will more diners come your way. Therefore, restaurant management must create effective advertisements utilizing newspapers, flyers, and any other means of getting the word out. It is also important for restaurant management to come up with customer incentives to ensure that diners will continue to patronize your establishment.

Step 3

Restaurant management must also ensure that the restaurant meets the highest possible standards in regard to health and wellness. This includes thoroughly sanitizing the kitchen, dining area and bathrooms. Employees must understand that it is their duty to help restaurant management keep these areas clean, as well as cleaning all utensils, dishes and glasses before they are used by diners. Everyone needs to understand the importance of washing their hands and chefs need to understand how to avoid cross contamination. It is also important to make sure that emergency exits are clearly marked and easy to open.

Step 4

The restaurant management also needs to work to build employee morale. This is vital because when employees feel disrespected or under appreciated their job performance will suffer. Use special workshops and activities to motivate them. Rewards, incentives and recognition are also appreciated. You may even want to create a “suggestion box” so that employees can leave anonymous comments and concerns.

Step 5

It is vital for clients to keep customers satisfied. Even better, you should ensure that they are happy with everything in your restaurant – including food, service and more. Whenever patrons are pleased they will more than likely return and tell their friends about your restaurant too. For this reason, it is important to work to create a relaxing environment where your employees treat diners with respect, give them prompt service and great tasting food. All of these things contribute to the satisfaction that will be felt within your restaurant. You may also consider having comment cards in place so that patrons can leave suggestions whenever necessary. Of course, none of this is going to work at all if your employees are not happy and acting appropriately.

By Brenda Hoffman, published at 02/17/2012
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