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10 Amazing Tips For Management Practice

Published at 02/28/2012 02:45:26


Management can be described as the act of getting people together to accomplish set objectives and goals using the given resources effectively and efficiently. It involves coordination and organization of enterprise activities in accordance with set policies to achieve the set goals. It is a discipline which involves staffing, organizing, controlling, planning and directing of organizational resources in the best way to achieve the company’s objectives. Good management practices are those activities that bring out desired results and they entail managing yourself, managing your team and managing the business all at the same time.

The following management practice tips are aimed at assisting managers to achieve the desired goals of the organization:

Step 1

Good leadership is a good management practice. A good manager is the one who his/her junior staff desire to follow. This means that a good manager should be on the forefront in accomplishing business goals and meeting set deadlines so that the junior staff will have a role model to look up to. A good manager should also recognize when other staff do the same. This will enhance the employee’s motivation.

Step 2

People in a team feel more effective, more productive and more creative. Good management practice should hence create an enabling environment that will encourage other employees to effectively collaborate with one another in the office. This can be achieved when every employee feels part of the team through participation in team activities such as brainstorming of work related issues and involvement in extracurricular activities as being part of a team outside the office environment.

Step 3

Some managers, especially those who are not well qualified, fear loss of their job to their juniors who have the potential of growth and development. In good management practice, a manager should encourage his work force to grow their skills and capabilities through education and on-the-job learning. Such growth will by staff will help in improving the face value of the organization and also in production of high class jobs. The manager will also have an easy time training his staff since they are competent.

Step 4

Interpersonal relationship is an involvement between two or more people and may range from short term to long term. A good interpersonal relationship involves some level of interdependence since people tend to influence each other, engage in activities together and share their thoughts and feelings. Managers who practice good management practice should build responsive and effective interpersonal relationships with his/her staff. This will assist in showing the manager’s ability to demonstrate trust, care, collaboration and respect of others.

Step 5

Good management practice provides for effective communication two ways and it entails talking and listening. It helps in better understanding of each other, assists in resolving of differences and problems and helps build trust and respect. Effective communication should be demonstrated through in person communication, print and email and by listening.

Step 6

A manager who enforces good management practice should know how to create positive morale and an encouraging environment which motivates employees to work hard for their personal and business success.

Step 7

The way a manager treats his subordinates is influenced by what they think of them (Sterling Livingstone, 1988). In good management practice, pygmalion effects cause staff to excel if the manager speaks positively about their capability and vice versa.

Step 8

Good management practice provides for provision of policy manuals. They are good, but overdone manuals make the employees rigid and make them work like robots with no independence to think outside the box. This beats the purpose of good management practice.

Step 9

Human beings have lives, connections and brands besides work and a good management practice should facilitate such involvements by employees since they help in relaxing and refreshing them. Managers with positive management practice should provide, for example, internet services to their employees and allow them to access them as long as they perform well.

Step 10

Good management practice provides for having regular performance reviews for the employees through appraisals to ensure the employees are growing professionally and should also encourage and counsel those who are not improving or are below average.


  1. Lead by example
  2. Builds the team
  3. Helps people grow and develop
  4. Interpersonal relationships
  5. Effective communication
  6. Positive morale and recognition environment
  7. Positive Pygmalion effects
  8. Avoid overdone policy manuals
  9. Allow out of work involvement
  10. Performance reviews

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