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Microsoft management is related to networking. Now, what is networking? Networking is actually a group of two or more computer systems linked together in different topology in order to exchange data. Microsoft management is actually network management which refers to the broad subject of managing computer networks. There exists a wide variety of software and hardware products that help network system administrators manage a network. Network management covers wide features. Security ensures that the network is protected from unauthorized users, performance ensures eliminating bottlenecks in the network and reliability makes sure the network is available to users and responding to hardware and software malfunctions.

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Microsoft management is a complex area dealing with which is difficult without proper backup and hardware and software arrangements. The Microsoft company has introduced a number of softwares to help facilitate Microsoft management.

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Microsoft Management Console (MMC), an extensible common presentation service for management applications. Microsoft Management Console, included in the Windows® 2000 operating system, involves the concept of management snap-ins. It's a way to create custom applets for various aspects for managing one’s computers. It may be used locally or remotely.

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Administrators and other users can create custom management tools from snap-ins created by various vendors. This model provides the administrator with efficient tool customization and saving for later use and the ability to create multiple tools of varying levels of complexity for task delegation, among other benefits.

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Other than that, The System Center 2012 helps manage one’s IT environments across traditional datacenters, private and public clouds, client computers and devices. One can become a trusted service provider for the business using these integrated and automated management capabilities. System Center captures and aggregates knowledge about systems, policies, processes, and best practices so that can help optimize the infrastructure to reduce costs, improve application availability and enhance service delivery.

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System Center 2012 provides comprehensive management from the desktop to the datacenter. It helps to empower users to be productive from anywhere, on whatever device they choose, provide a unified infrastructure for client management and protection and make it easier and faster to administer client systems and maintain system compliance. System Center 2012 client management licensing provides simple, cost-effective options to manage and protect client systems.


Microsoft Management has the ability take project management to the next level. Select the right tools for today and tomorrow. Microsoft Project 2010 offers flexibility and choice by providing tailored work management solutions for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Microsoft management through MS Project 2010 helps organizations to reduce cost, and other features like easier planning with user-controlled scheduling, enhanced copy and paste, intuitive access with the ribbon, add key milestones to the timeline view, add a new column and save as a custom table, manage resources with the team planner, add project summary tasks and outline numbers, make smart scheduling decisions with task inspector, sync with SharePoint and focus on data With AutoFilter, etc.


Beside these, there are many other softwares available to help management Microsoft develop and maintain a sound system of client server environment.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/21/2012
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