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How To Start a Marketing Design Job


To get a marketing design job, you need a bachelors of arts in marketing and design. Finding a job is not an issue, as many opportunities in marketing design are available all over the country. The market designer is responsible for creating digital images, designs of the company goods. He or she also has to promote the goods and services of the company to the customers by developing presentations for business to market.

Step 1

In order to promote company's business, the market designer creates marketing tools by using different design that involves typing and formatting, different colors, composition and attractive visual identity designs. Also he has to know the knowledge of using Photoshop, adobe illustrator, PowerPoint, and must be able to properly coordinate with clients in developing marketing approaches that are best fitted with their goals and objectives.

Step 2

For starting a marketing design job, the person has to think a lot about for the professional designer, beyond just the products look by keeping in mind its pricing, legal issues, contracts, how you can get attention of new customers, and how to keep the ones you have.

Step 3

He or she must know what kind of marketing designer he or she wants to become based on his or her designing, managerial or database related skills. For starting or getting the job, one has to stay determined and work smartly. In order to win the competition, make sure about who you are, and what things you are going to offer on the market.

Step 4

Also enhance your resume which should be well-written and designed, and try to sharpen your skills and mention them in a superb portfolio of yours, by creating a brand for yourself whose layout should be visually stunning. A good approach is to write summary section describing your design and managerial skills and experiences, instead of writing annoying objective statement.

Step 5

Behave like a professional to put a good impression on the employees as they want to see that you are capable of handle working in different environments or not. For writing your portfolio, choose best pieces for it and also allow people for judgment in order to evaluate and critique on your work either professionals, non-designers or average customers and users, and then improve your work accordingly. Your resume and portfolio must be in flow with the brand you created for yourself.


A good approach is to know where you would like to work, before you start your job search.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/06/2012
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