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How To Design Hair Extensions


Hair extensions add up to your overall hair design. Here are some steps that you can do in designing hair extensions that would fit your look.

Step 1

Know your budget

When you go to a salon, and you decide to change your hair design by adding on some hair extensions, you don’t only pay for the salon service but also for the extensions. Hair extensions are definitely expensive. So when you decide on a certain hair design for your extensions, you need to make sure it’s going to be worth it. You can search the internet on the hair salon near your place. Then, you go to their website and take a look if they offer hair extension services. Some of the hair salons already post the prices for their services online. However, some of them would estimate the overall price of the service based on your preference and from their consultation. You can always contact these hair salons from the contact information that they have posted on their website. Always make sure to ask a couple of hair salons for you to know the range of price for their hair extension service and for you to also choose which hair salon you’re going to choose.

Step 2

Decide on the type and style of hair extension

There are different types of hair design extensions and the price is also dependent on it. There are synthetic hair design extensions and there are also natural hair design extensions which are really from human hair. There are also different styles for the hair extensions like straight, wavy, or curly style. You have to first decide on the type and style of hair extension that you want to have. It would be more preferable to make the overall look of your hair to look natural so in choosing the style of hair extension, it would be best to choose the one that is the same with the style of your hair. For example, if you have a very straight hair, choose a straight hair extension style rather than a curly one because it would no look much uniformed making the extension too obvious.

Step 3

Decide on the length of the hair extension

Aside from the style and type of the hair design extension, the price is also dependent on it length. A longer hair extension is much more expensive than the shorter one. In choosing the length of your hair extensions, make sure you choose the one that is either longer than your current hair length. You can also choose the one that would be almost exactly the same to the length of your hair if your purpose for your hair extension is to make your hair look thicker and have a full volume.

Step 4

Decide on the colour of the hair extension

In choosing for the colour of your hair design extension, make sure that it complements with the colour of your hair. However, some people would choose a very different colour such as pink, green and many more if they want to make it look like bold highlights. But if you’re going for a natural look, either you choose a colour that is the same with your current hair colour or something that would complement it.

Step 5

Decide on how the extension will be attached

Hair design extensions can be attached in different ways, weather you would like it to just be permanent or temporary. Some extensions can only be clipped on your hair while some are glued onto the root of your hair. Preferably, choose the one that isn’t painful to attach.


If you want your hair to look longer, to look thicker, or if you want to add something colourful, you can always use hair extensions.

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By Bob Meadow, published at 03/28/2012
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