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Where To Buy a Pay As You Go 3G Phone


Buying a pay as you go 3g phone is one of the best options for teenagers. Instead of having a monthly plan, or going over on minutes or data usage, a pay as you go phone allows you to control phone spending. If a person chooses not to use their phone for a month of if finances don't allow for the cost it isn't a major issue, and they don't have to buy to add more time to their phone. The prepaid service allows for the customer to pick and choose exactly what they want and which months they want to use the service instead of having to be dedicated to a contract.


The pay as you go 3g phones have recently become something that is popular. Most companies that have them also offer other services and just want to provide a phone that their customers would like as well. The pay as you go 3g phones do tend to be a bit on the higher price than those that aren't paid as you go. The pay as you go phones have been around since the mid-1990s, but the 3g phones have been around since early 2000s.


Some of the benefits of using a pay as you go 3g phone is you don't have a monthly contract. You can never go over on your minutes or your data plan. You also can control how much you pay while still having the access of roaming the Internet on 3g. There is no chance of getting overage charges, or billing questions each month. Another great benefit of using a pay as you go phone is the features of the phone. You don't have a very complex phone, and they aren't as expensive as the ones that require a contract; therefore, if something happens to it, it won't be so costly to replace or buy a new one.

Tips and comments

In order to buy a pay as you go 3g phone there are some things that you should know.

The first thing is to research the different companies. Not all the pay as you go cell phone companies are going to be worth it.

Don't buy any phone, not all the phones are made equal. Research, to see what phone is going to be the best fit for your individual needs.

Some pay as you go plans don't offer service in all areas but sell phones in all areas. Be sure that they offer service where you live.

Compare the prices and how much you really think you will be using the phone. Some phones have the android market, while others don't have a market at all and are labeled 3g.

Once you determine which company you want to go with and which phone you can go pretty much anywhere and buy it. If they don't have a location near you, you have the option of buying it on-line. In which many companies offer special promotions and offers if the person decides to order their phone on-line.

By Juanita E., published at 02/26/2012
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